3 simple rules to be happy at work!


Is it your workplace that makes you happy, or is being happy at work an attitude you bring to any employment ?

1. Make only commitments you can keep

One of the most serious causes of work stress and unhappiness is failing to keep commitments. many employees spend more time making excuses for failing to keep a deadline, and worrying about the consequences of not keeping a commitment, than they do performing the tasks promised.

2. Take charge

Take charge of your own growth; ask for specific and meaningful help from your boss, but march to the music of your personally developed plan and goals. You have the most to gain from growing – and the most to lose, if you stand still.

3. Take responsibility

Seek out information you need to work effectively. Develop an information network and use it. Assertively request a weekly meeting with your boss and ask questions to learn. You are in charge of the information you receive.


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