7 Recommended Online Baby Shops


There are so many shops selling baby clothes and products in the malls around us. However, it can be very tiring, especially if you are pregnant. It is such a relief that nowadays there are many online stores specializing on baby clothes and other products.

Whether you are expecting a baby, or want to give baby hampers to your friends or family, these online stores are there to help you find your favorite products for babies. The best thing is it’s only a click away!

We have compiled the list of online baby shops recommended by mommies in Indonesia to find those cute baby products. Here are a few:


Not only selling the cutest clothes and products for babies, Nenen Baby Shop is also committed to support creativity by selling local Indonesian products. This is also one of the most favorite online baby shops among Mommies in Indonesia. You can also get customized baby hampers here, and get it delivered on the same day!

Website: http://nenenshop.com/
Contact: 082122006413

Bebe Love

Here you can find baby clothes, health products, strollers, and other tools you will need for your babies. There is also a selection of products for Mommies like maternity pillow and baby slings. In short, anything you need for newborn babies, toddlers, and little kids are available here.

Website: http://bebelove.co.id/
Contact: 0812-9882-5190

Adik Bayi

“Adik Bayi” means “little baby” in Indonesian, and it pretty much explains the products they offer here. In this store you can get a wide range of products from shower gel to diaper cream for infants. Baby toys and accessories are also available here. Notes: check the site frequently as it often offers discounts!

Website: http://www.adikbayi.com/
Contact: 0877-2836-8060

Alice Baby Shop

Alice Baby Shops believes that every baby’s journey is unique and special, and it offers only the best products in their store. This is the store where you can get quality yet affordable baby products. They provide strollers and gears, bedding, clothing, toys, bathing and baby care, maternity, and even party supplies for birthdays.

Website: http://alicebabyshop.com/
Contact: 0838-7594-1988


Mommies on online forums often recommend Cleobabys to find baby products in one shop. Most of the products are sold in wholesale prices, and you also can buy them in bulk. Cleobabys provides baby’s clothing, furniture, accessories, healthcare products, toys, and many more. Resellers are also welcomed here.

Website: https://www.cleobabys.com/
Contact: 0878-7777-7333 (customer service) and 0878-7777-7444 (phone order)

Baby Empire

Baby Empire has their own delivery courier, so you can make sure that your products are delivered on time. A wide range of products are available here, from common products like clothes and toys to tools like breast pump and breastfeeding meter. Baby Empire claims that they only sell one-of-a-kind products that are manufactured with environmental and safety standards.

Website: babyempire.net
Contact: 0888-857-0570


Babyzania offers good price for baby and maternity products. It also has a wide variety of products. You will not only find baby clothes and accessories, but also formulas and even imported snacks for adults. Free delivery and cash on delivery are also available for selected cities in Indonesia.

Website: http://babyzania.com/
Contact: 021-29365141 / 0819-0123-5000


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