Atkins for Vegetarians

fruit and vegetables

A few years ago a friend followed the Atkins diet with amazing results. She lost 20kg over 6 months and said that she did not feel hungry or low on energy, while on the diet. She looked fabulous and her skin glowed, thanks to the fresh fruits, vegetables and lots of water to go with her high protein and low carb diet. The proteins were in the form of meat, fish, eggs and cheese and she tried to avoid all carbs. This was perfect for her but not suitable for vegetarians. This diet plan has been a sensation for almost 40 years. Atkins diet plan is very similar to other diets in that the weight will come off much faster when exercise is incorporated into the plan. Of course, exercise also reduces the risk of disease and provides an enhanced feeling of well being, in addition to burning calories. There is a biological background that supports this diet, as many hunter-gatherers subsisted primarily on a diet of meat, nuts and seeds for many years.


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