Do’s and Don’ts for Tourists and Hosts in Rajasthan




The Department of Tourism has prepared an elaborate Code of Conduct for both the tourists visiting Rajasthan as well as the hosts in terms of hoteliers, shop keepers and tour operators. The Code of Conduct has been posted on the website of the Department and is freely available at the counters of the various hotels and Tourism Reception Centres. The tour operators are also requested to download the copy of the Code of Conduct and pass it on to the visiting groups.
If the tourists earnestly follow the Conduct – there is a very little chance of their being harassed or cheated or molested.

We present the Code of Conduct once again for the benefit of the recipients of this mail.Â


·         Always book into approved/classified hotels or RTDC run hotels.

·         Make enquiries at the Rajasthan Tourism tourist information bureaus located at most railway stations, bus stands, airports.

·         Before staying in a paying guest accommodation, always check about its authorization by the Department of Tourism

·         Always keep your hotel room locked when inside or when out for sight seeing, shopping etc.



·         Take autorikshaws from pre-paid kiosk wherever available.Â

·         If prepaid autorickshaw is not available settle the fare/charges before embarking on the journey.

·         Hire taxis from approved Travel Agency, RTDC or through Rajasthan Tourism Tourist Reception Centres.



·         Purchase from reputed or recognized shops.

·         Always insist on a bill for purchases made.Â

·         Ensure VAT registration numbers in a corner on the bill sheet.

·         Payments made by credit cards must have the amount mentioned in words and numbers too.Â

·         Always double-check the goods in the parcel before leaving the shop or allowing it to be packed for dispatch.

·         Ensure payment by credit cards is made only once for each bill.Â

·         Wrongly made out bills must be destroyed there and then to avoid double payment to the shopkeeper



 Take from authorized money exchangers and take a receipt.

 ·         Utilize services of pre-paid taxis, wherever available.
In case CHEATED: –

 ·         If you are cheated, inform nearest Police Station or Police control room immediately or TAF (Tourist Assistance Force) personnel posted near monuments.

 ·         You are advised not to dress in clothes that are too revealing and too scanty.

 ·         Eat food that you buy yourself.

 ·         Always ensure your passport and other precious belongings are safe. Never give them to strangers or shopkeepers or staff in the hotel.




 ·       Don’t stay with or be coaxed into staying with people you meet at railway platforms, bus stands or shopping areas.

 ·     Don’t think you are getting a bargain if a free ride is given by any transporter to a hotel. Check with Rajasthan Tourism tourist information office first.

 ·       Don’t allow any one into your room for a drink and snacks or just a chat unless the person is really well known to you.

-Â Â Â Â Free rides can culminate in trouble at a hotel suggested by the driver.
-Â Â Â Â Don’t leave your important documents, valuables, luggage etc with the driver.
-Â Â Â Â Make enquires (as to where and how far each monument, tourist site is located) before setting out on sight seeing with only the driver as a guide.

 ·        Don’t let the driver coax you into doing more shopping than sight seeing.

 ·         Avoid showrooms near tourist sites or else ensure the price and authenticity of the purchase being made.

 ·         Avoid shops that have names very similar to Government run emporia or concerns like RTDC (Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation) or Rajasthali, Which are public sector undertakings.

 ·         Don’t sign on blank letter heads or bills.

 ·         Avoid carrying out business or developing relations for furthering business with unknown persons who are glib talkers and at times impeccably turned out.

 ·         Avoid help of guide /driver while shopping. Try to avoid shops recommended by them.

 ·         Don’t let shopkeepers pack your purchases behind a counter or in another room. It must be done in front of you and sign across the joints or ensure some method whereby no changes can be made.

Money exchange: –

 ·         Don’t exchange from unauthorized money exchangers who do not provide a receipt.


 ·         Don’t leave your valuables and goods/ luggage in taxi/auto rickshaw etc.

Misc. :

 ·         Don’t hang on to the arms of young men or give them the impression that you find them attractive.

 ·         Don’t go in for free lunch and dinner or drinks.

 ·         Don’t roam around in the late hours of the night.


The view of Kalbelia Dance.




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