Hair Washing Techniques To Improve Hair Texture


If you wash your hair every day and it still gets greasy (especially at the scalp), replace that daily shampoo with a soft conditioner or a finishing rinse de-tangler. Just “wash” your hair thoroughly with a generous amount of conditioner or finishing rinse (no shampoo!). Make sure you massage the scalp and allow the liquid to run to the ends of your hair. Rinse only with mildly warm water. I recommend that you try this regimen for about three weeks.

At first, you may find shampooing with just the conditioner a little strange since you’re skipping the shampoo, but your hair will improve in the long run.

Peeling Tomatoes
Recipes sometimes call for peeled fresh tomatoes. This can easily be done by dropping the whole tomato in boiling water for five seconds. Carefully remove the tomato. The skin should be splitting, making it easy to peel off. If it doesn’t, return them to the boiling water for only a few seconds longer.


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