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Indonesia Economic Forum 2018 - Connecting Indonesia: A New Five Year Agenda

Connecting Indonesia: A New Five Year Agenda  The key priorities for the nation over the next five years.    Wednesday, 21 November 2018 08:00 hrs - 18:00 hrs Hotel...
Meditation for Happiness

Namaste, The dictionary defines well-being as the state of being healthy and happy. And happiness is defined as a state of emotional well being -...

Rujak is a traditional fruit and vegetable dish that can be found all over Indonesia. The word means mixture or eclectic mix in colloquial Malay....
BINUS UNIVERSITY Spearheading Quality Education in Indonesia

Established in 1996, BINUS UNIVERSITY is a premier private institution of higher education offering international standard courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate degree...
Planning to go complete vegan...still confused?

Wishing all brothers and sisters are very Happy Bhai Dooj today! The festival season has been really vibrant and fun. Join the Annakut Mahaotsav in...
insightful talks by Swami Mitrananda

Chinmaya Family Jakarta presents four days Insightful talks in English by Swami Mitrananda from 21-24 Nov, Wednesday to Saturday, 7.30-9.00 pm at the Mangala...

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Havan Classes in Jakarta

Havan classes with Ved Mantras are held every Sunday morning (10.00 to 11.30am) for children (4 years and above) at 901 Wisma Cendana, Taman...
What, When and How of FOOD !!!

By Rutu Trivedi Panjwani: No love is more serene than the love of Food. It goes without saying that Food definately is the most...

According to recent studies, Kiwifruit is the most nutrient dense of all the major fruits. Many people already know that kiwifruit is packed with...

If you have these 7 healthy habits, you can eat good food until fullness and still lose a ton of fat. Drink More Water...
Dips for This and That

AVOCADO SCREAM. Cut avocado into half and scoop out the flesh. Mash it with fork and mix it with mayonnaise. Season with salt and pepper, if desired....
Paper Bag

What you need : A sheet of card paper, double width of the bag you want to make plus twice the depth. The sheet should...


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