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TAMIL SANGAMAM  2018 -  a Spectacular Tamil Carnival for this year - is back on Saturday 14th April, 2018 at PRJ, Kemayoran, Jakarta Please mark...

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A unique Hindu festival celebrated in Indonesia is Nyepi Day (Day of Silence). The calm and quiet atmosphere during Nyepi differentiates this celebration amongst...

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Selamat Hari Raya Nyepi! This New Year celebration is unique to Bali with 24 hours of Nyepi Day (Silent Day) spent in silent meditations and...

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A traditional classrooms is usually a group of children studying in a single room. Increasingly parents are are looking for child specific curriculum based...

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Lasagna is a popular Italian dish and usually made with non-vegetarian ingredients. This is a completely vegetarian version by Aparna Narang, very flavorful and...
Ganesha-Ek-Sanskriti-A-Tantalizing Experience With-Incredible-Spices-Our-Favorite-Menu-Items

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Ganesha ek Sanskriti first opened its doors in 2003, quickly establishing itself as one of the most iconic Indian restaurants in select destinations, across...

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23. Poem 'Nagarlakshmi' (The Goddess of Wealth of the town) of the book KATHA in Bengali, written by the Poet in 1899. Translator's note: This...
5 must visit private islands in Asia

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Have you ever imagined being stranded on an island, but with all the luxury you could wish for? Forget the hustle and bustle of the...
Where to Eat: Vegetarian Dishes in the Big Durian

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Being vegetarian is no longer just a fad it is a lifestyle. Many people have changed their diets to become vegetarians for many reasons, including health,...
Jamu: Indonesian Herbal Medicine Heritage

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You will often see women wearing  a kebaya and long batik skirt with a huge bamboo basket full of bottles of drink on her...
saree style challenge gujarati

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The Gujarati style saree is a very traditional and elegant drape. The traditional Gujarati Sarees include Bandhej/Bandhani/Leheriya, made by a technique of Tie & Dye....
10 Fun Things to Do in Lombok

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Lombok is one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Indonesia. It’s often overshadowed by its superstar neighbor Bali, but Lombok has something different...


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