Indoindians Art Exhibition Feb 15-16, 2020 at Hotel Manhattan – Postponed

Indoindians Art Exhibition 2020 in conjunction with HT India Property Show
Indoindians Art Exhibition 2020 in conjunction with HT India Property Show

This event has been postponed under further notice.

Meet and enjoy the artworks of our  talented Indian artists in Indonesia, who are passionate and creative artists, showcasing their original artwork at Indoindians Art Exhibition.

Vijaya Birla at the Indoindians Art Exhibition 2016
Vijaya Birla at the Indoindians Art Exhibition 2016

Each artist has 2 panels to showcase framed artworks. Artwork displayed can be bought at the venue through Indoindians at the sales desk.

15 Participating artists are:

Anusha Natesh | Arati Joshi | Arupa Panigrahi | Jumana Qayyumi | Jyoti Chawla | Jyoti Joshi | MadhuShree Bansal | Mona Sjukri | Rimzim Vyas | Sunita Lakhotia | Suruchi Mishra | Swati Chavan | Vibhawari Singh | Vijaya Birla | Vijay Yadav

Profiles of Artists Exhibiting below:

Jyoti ChawlaJyoti Chawla

Painting came to me at a stage in life where I had the time and the ability to explore various creative mediums. Leaving the corporate world after 16 years was fiercely fearful in itself. Trying to keep myself happily involved yet the creative satisfaction was primary. I’ve been a very creative person from the beginning, toying with needlework, croquet, embroidery and fabric painting has been part of growing up. Always enjoyed the satisfaction that a completed piece brings to the creator. So once the opportunity for oil painting knocked my doors I grabbed it with both hands.

I would call myself a trained artist who has some natural abilities which have been enhanced and sharpened. Feel blessed and happy that I could realize my talent and had the platform to explore it further. Painting has been with me since last 7 years only, so I would like to believe I am still a learner.

My subjects are totally based on what appeals to me and what I would like to see around me. The purpose of each canvas has been to explore a different technique each time. Pure oils to blending oils and acrylics is been the staple. Have been inspired by a few European and Vietnamese painters as well.

Vijay Laxmi Birla

Vijaya Birla

An arts graduate majoring in drawing and painting, Vijay Laxmi Birla became fascinated with art ever since her childhood. Vijay Laxmi does not restrict herself to any surface or medium. Her artistic journey covered sketches, landscapes, portraits, Tanjore and texture. She enjoys working with pencils and charcoal, water colours and especially acrylic and oil. She has been staying in Jakarta for twenty five years and has participated in many painting exhibitions in Jakarta. Email:

Swati Chavhan

Growing up in Bhopal, the city of lakes, I developed my passion in traditional Indian Art. I started working with all mediums, but as the progress of my painting journey, the interest developed more towards Oil. Apart from Oil painting, my other areas of interests are mix media work on canvas, relief cone art, Mural and Glass work etc.

My artwork is expression its magnificence with tint and amazing shades. Apart from traditional Indian art, I love making portraits. My passion to learn and explore different form of art work, lands me to Camlin India as a promotion artist. I have conducted various painting workshops for Camlin in Bhopal. I also worked as faculty in IIFT, Bhopal for a year. In Bhopal I also worked for a reputed Interior Designer. The work gives me an immense opportunity to learn and developed creativity in thinking, which later works for my art work.

I got fascinated to make paintings at a very younger age. I still remember my first painting when I was a kid. The appreciation received from parents and their friends encouraged me to explore more and the journey begins, which is still going on to explore the amazing world of art. I developed my art work while doing my Graduation and Masters in Drawing & Painting from Government Girls College (NutanMahavidyalaya) Bhopal. My association with Bharat Bhavan introduced me to amazing artists and their vibrant colorful expressions.

My vision is to spread Indian Art all over the world. My paintings have been displayed in art exhibitions in India. One of my painting Celebration received accolades and award in Online Art Exhibition and later Painting exhibition display by Artcozy, Delhi. My art journey continues after my coming to Jakarta in the year 2011.Every year beings different experience, fresh learning and more colors in my life.

Arupa Panigrahi

To practice any painting, no matter how well or badly, we always start with still life …..this is the only way to make our soul grow. These paintings seem to be easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult when you start doing it. It relaxes my mind to paint fruits. I do not bring to it the same tension of spirit as when am in front of an object. When I paint fruits with jugs and the table linen. I arrange the tones. I try out different values boldly without worrying about wasting a canvas.

Email ID- | Phone no.- +62 895-2400-6402

Madhushree Bansal

My ardent love for miniature paintings goes way back to my childhood days, as I was brought up in a family where this form of art was a tradition. Travelling down the family tree from the time of my ancestors, this tradition had etched its’ way into my heart to lead me to carry on this legacy.

Being an ardent lover of Indian Tradition and Culture, I have therefore taken an initiative to promote Indian Miniature Painting (which dates back to the 14th century) to the entire world by exhibiting my artworks on an international level. These paintings comprise the use of colours handmade from minerals, vegetables, precious stones, indigo, conch shells, pure gold and silver.

Arati Joshi

I am Arati Joshi, living in Indonesia since last 13 years.

Though having carrier & experience in Chartered Accountancy field, I am having interest in Art & Drawing too (although not taken any training or formal education in drawing)

Mostly my Art work is in Charcoal, Water color & Oil Paint.

I have participated in few art exhibitions in India and Indonesia.

E-mail ID:

Suruchi Mishra

The meaning of Suruchi is taste. I was always attracted to the paintings and sketchings at a very early age. Art was in my genes as my mother was a fine arts student of JJ institute of art in Bombay.
She will be an inspiration always as she used to teach us the different forms of art at an early age. Also I did a lot of hobby courses but best was the teachings of a teacher who was a master of paintings wether its oil, watercolour or acrylic. Learning from him helped me gain a lot of knowledge of arts. Also corrected many of my flaws.

Nature seems to be pouring in all its beauty and I have been an ardent observer of the plethora of colours it has to offer. My love of paintings started from observing the surroundings.
Sketching is my forte and I can sketch any face by seeing its picture. Its my personal favourite. Wether its coloured pencil sketch or oil pastels, chinese ink art, I have done it all.
After marriage I came to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia where I was teaching kids all the art forms. I hosted two Art exhibitions with mine and students work altogether. After 8 years in KL we moved to Jakarta and since then teaching kids and adults here different art forms.
Charcoal art is another favourite of mine. Oil painting is the new area I have forayed into recently. Its the most relaxing form of art and rewards you very well in the form of a lovely lustre in paintings. Brushes helped me to merge the colours into something new and exciting.
Other than that I have done embossed paintings, acrylic and now another art form which is called ‘Decoupage’. It is very exciting to work on old trays, plates, tissue boxes, tables and convert them into something creative and beatiful.
I have participated in few Art exhibitions with my teacher while growing up and here also in Jakarta.
My passion towards art makes me try new and creative areas like embossed art work which mystifies me.
Making Ganesha painting is my favorite thing. And I continue to do so.
I continue teaching sketching, painting, decoupage, charcoal and other art forms here in Jakrata and will continue exploring new Art Arenas. Also I am trying to find and work on new art forms every now and then.
Fine arts is the world of endless possibilitis and even if you learn some you will never be able to cover the whole topic.
I will always be an ardent learner of art.
Instagram : @Suruchi101artist
Facebook : Artsvilla by Suruchi

Vijay Yadav

Hi, I’m Vijay.
A photographer based in Mumbai, India.
I am currently living in the city of Jakarta .
I love Mumbai, but surprisingly I am not missing it as everything is almost similiar.

I’m self-taught person with a sincere passion for all things like photography, beautiful city lights, fresh food, sincere and genuine people, going beautiful places, etc .
I love keeping things simple in life and on set as I find it always produces the best results with the least stress.
No matter the size of the project I always bring the same passion and dedication to each individual job and it’s my priority to make sure everyone goes home happy! Let’s connect and make awesome work together.

Instagram: @Vjsnapp

Jyoti Joshi

Jyoti Prasanna JoshiJyoti Prasanna Joshi is a post graduate in Computer Management from Pune University, India.

She has lived in Istanbul, Turkey for 16 years & that’s where she got an opportunity to learn Turkish Arts such as Ceramic Painting (Turkish Blue Pottery), Glass Painting & Tezhip (Turkish Illumination art). Her interaction with various budding Turkish artists developed interest & she became an amateur artists. Jyoti has exhibited some of her Turkish art work in ISMEK (Istanbul Art Centre) exhibitions in Istanbul, Turkey.  After coming to Jakarta, Jyoti got involved in various art groups & is actively sharing her art forms with members as well as learning new art forms from them.

Jumana Mohammed Qayyumi

Graduated from Sir J.J. School Of Arts Mumbai, in the year 2010. Passed with 70% merit in final year and stood 1st in Mumbai University in the department of textile design.

I mainly work with oils, acrylics and watercolours
I paint keeping nature created by the Almighty as the main source of inspiration

Have been pursuing my career as an Artist and have taken part in many art exhibitions in past years including India Art Fair, Mumbai Art Fair, Radiant Arts etc.
Also have conducted many workshops for children and adults.


Vibhawari Singh

From early childhood I love anything related to drawing and colours. I took professional training at very young age with highly skilled Artist lived in “Gorakhpur”. Though it was pushed by my artistic and creative mother, my vision has been totally changed and started toying with Canvas, Fabric painting with exploring different technique each time. I believe art is an expression of painter’s imaginative and conceptual ideas intended to appreciate for their beauty or emotional power.

My artwork is totally based on what touches me and what I would like to see in surroundings. Though I am inspired with unique heritage art “Persian and Relief art”. “Persian” is richest and unique art heritage in the world history of Iranian and encompasses many traditional disciplines like Painting, Sculpture, Weaving, Pottery, Calligraphy and Metalworking.

My artwork on the wood bring the drawing into two-dimensional artwork.  sculpted lines on the textured wood surface shows an interesting story line. Viewers can indulge around in this fusion structure by following many different and unique artwork that I have made like Jharokha Painting, Glass painting, Zentangle Art, Mandala work, Foil embossing, Clay work. My artistic journey covered Pichwai, Kalamkari, Meenakari, foil work, Glass work and many more.

My fearless experimentation with new materials and processes epitomise the vibrancy of the dream world. Currently residing in Jakarta with my family, created signature collection and working on privately commissioned paintings.


Anusha Natesh

Hey, I am Anusha Natesh, a self taught amateur artist. I am a full time engineer, currently working at OVO and an experimenting artist.
I started sketching when i was around 12 years old, and used to stick all my sketches on a wall at home.The appreciation people gave when they saw these sketches, helped me continue sketching and experimenting. During my engineering, i got a teacher who introduced me to acrylics. And now,I am experimenting with styles and subjects on acrylics. My subjects vary from still life, animal paintings, portraits, and landscapes. I have been experimenting on various mediums, charcoal, pencils, pen and ink, watercolour, soft pastel, acrylics. I paint anything and everything that catches my eye ,and am constantly looking to improve. I am a traveller, looking for inspiration, and Inktober is my favourite sketching schedule! I have been staying in different parts of the world, and in Jakarta from the past year.

Instagram – @artby_anusha.shashank
FACEBOOK – Art as expression: Anusha

Mona Sjukri

I have always love the arts drawing and paintings. The arts have been part of my life.

I was graduated from Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles California. As a fashion designer, working with colors, shapes, being creative with drawing and painting and creating unique design has become my passion.

I love traveling, the sea, beaches, animals and nature therefore most of my paintings are inspired from them. Been working with different medias, such as pencil, water colors abd acrylic paint, but I find oil painting is the most fascinating.

As a member of Ikatan Wanita Pelukis Indonesia (Indonesian Women Painters Association), I have participated in several exhibitions since 2016.

Instagram: @monays16

Sunita Lakhotia

Born and brought up in Indore, now in Indonesia for last 25 years. Blessed to enjoy culture and diversity of both the countries.

Graduated as an Engineer, I am always enthusiastic to try and learn new things be in kitchen, art, sports or technology. I guess my mother’s direction of utilizing summer vacations during school days for joining various short courses and my father’s appreciation for whatever artwork I made, nurtured & encouraged my interest towards art.

I am an amateur artist and have tried various forms of painting on different media using oil, water, fabric and acrylic colours. Also have done clay work, reverse glass painting, decoupage, charcoal sketching, wall decors with solar wood, cone painting, nib painting, sattan flowers etc. Learning batik and dot painting are next on the list. Have participated in few art displays and been exhibiting Diwali Decor items for past few years.

As is said – Learning new things keeps your mind Young…… looking forward to what more life brings :).

Phone:+62 8161400391


Rimzim Vyas

History of Indian art is as old as the Indian civilsation. Living in the city of lakes, in the heart of India, a land of rich tradition and cultutre, I had never really had a choice but to immerse myself into paintings and artwork.I was very young when I realised my natural affinity towards art.My name is Rimzim Vyas. After completing my post graduation in fine arts from Nutan College in Bhopal, following my interest I completed a diploma in fashion designing from the fashion academy, bhopal and went on to teach painting and mixed media art in the same college. I love painting still life, floral and indian figurative paintings. I also taught drawing to children in bhopal as well as Jakarta. I mainly work in mixed media, oil and water colours are my favourite. My other areas of interest are clay murals, wall mural work, and I love to fuse artwork and the Indian culture by making traditional rangolis and diyas.


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