Indoindians Holi Run Sponsor Registration

Indoindians Holi color run on 1st March 2020

Indoindians next event is Indoindians Holi Color Run 2020 a 5 Km color run/walk to coincide with the Indian festival of colors HOLI on Sunday, 1st March 2020. An opportunity for families to participate in a fun, color-filled event which will culminate in a Bollywood Dance along and DJ with lots of food tents – A festive celebration of the colors of joy with fun 5k run/walk, dance and food.

10,000 participants expected at this event, which in collaboration with Indonesia Color Run.

Sponsor Registration Form

Indoindians Bazaar sponsor registration form
  • Sponsorship options available for the Indoindians Bazaar
No. BENEFIT Platinum

650 Jt


250 Jt


150 Jt


50 Jt

1 Product Sampling YES YES YES YES
2 Catalog Ads. Size depends on the value of sponsorship 4 pages 3 pages 2 pages 1 pages
3 Event Backdrop & Balloon Gate YES YES YES NO
4 Logo Placement (Flyer, Ticket, T-Shirt, Goodie Bag, etc) 5000 pcs 3000 pcs 2000 pcs 1000 pcs
5 Hanging Banner IDCR 100 Unit YES NO NO NO
6 Flyer Site Map IDCR 100.000 60.000 40.000 20.000
7 IDCR Standing Banner 100 Unit 60 Unit 40 Unit 20 Unit
8 Booth Stand 4 x 6 m YES YES YES YES
9 Logo Placement on Main Stage YES YES YES NO
10 Online Social Media Promotion audience (by viewers) 100.000 50.000 30.000 10.000
11 Trophy for award Session YES NO NO NO
12 Allowed to Spread Business Flyer at event area YES YES NO NO
13 Adlibs announcement by MC YES YES YES YES
14 Logo Placement at All promotion media YES YES YES YES
15 Multimedia Screen YES NO NO NO





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