Iryasa, natural beauty & wellness brand founded in Singapore


Iryasa is a Singapore based sustainable beauty & wellness brand that formulates & manufactures pure, unique and wholesome natural skincare with edible micronutrients and herbal extracts. Iryasa also carries a curated range of 100% pure, therapeutic-grade Essential Oils.

Founded by a scientist who is deeply passionate about health and nutrition, Iryasa believes in correcting the cause rather than concealing a problem…and therefore all the products are formulated with the goal of enhancing skin health rather than covering up superficial flaws.

Using nature’s best ingredients alone is not enough. What makes Iryasa’s products efficacious are the blends created based on many years of research, combining ancient wisdom and modern sciences. This synergistic effect yields significantly more value than the individual goodness of each of these wonderful ingredients.

Iryasa is proud to be vegan/vegetarian, cruelty-free, non-GMO, safe & sustainable, eco-friendly, honest & transparent and they DO NOT use parabens, bad alcohols, synthetic fragrances, silicones, mineral oils, palm oil or plastic micro-beads in any of their products. All the products are Halal too! (considering no use of animal ingredients!)

As a company, they source their ingredients responsibly, supporting biodiversity and giving back to the entire supply chain. Iryasa operates ethically, with a minimalistic approach, taking no more than they need and truly understand the critical importance of minimising their ecological footprint.

They use eco-friendly packaging and in addition to developing potent, effective and safe products for the skin & body, they work hard to make it safe for our soil too!



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