Kunal Narang, co-founder of www.Makanluar.com


    Kunal Narang, co-founder of www.Makanluar.comS-O-S: STRATEGY OF SUCCESS – Living a life of well-being and success
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    Format: Skype Video interview for 5 minutes

    Kunal Narang, co-founder of www.Makanluar.com – the leading online restaurant reservation service in Indonesia. Makanluar.com allows customers to reserve their tables online in Jakarta, Bali and Bandung, get loyalty points for cash back and benefits such as discounts/free dishes and drinks.

    He initially grew up in India, Mumbai before moving to Jakarta. While in Jakarta Kunal studied at BIS and then graduated from JIS in 2004 then to Clark University outside Boston for undergraduate program.

    Kunal worked for Apple in New York City before moving to Singapore to work for Bloomberg LP and covered Indonesian clients for Bloomberg LP based out of Singapore, traveling every week to Jakarta.

    ‘Success to me is being able to thrive in doing something that I enjoy and have fun with. The most enjoyable part of it is the journey to success rather than success itself’ says Kunal. ‘Success is always a moving target too, there is always more one can do, more improvements one can make both at work and outside of work. ‘

    His top tips are :

    • Focus on finding what you are passionate about. It will be instinctively apparent what you enjoy and what you do not.
    • Always believe in yourself. You need to believe in yourself if you want others to believe in you as Winston Churchill once said.
    • I’ve always believed in learning by doing. Don’t be afraid or shy to take chances. These are necessary steps to success and for sure there will be failures along the way – that is your learning curve.


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