Online Consultation with Doctors in Indonesia

Indoindians Tele-Consultation with Indian Doctors in Indonesia

See an Indian Doctor in Indonesia Online – Getting quality medical care has never been more convenient. Consult a doctor without stepping out of home. Our team of local licensed doctors are available to attend to your medical needs through  online consultation. No more queues and commute.

In just 3 easy steps to medical care:

Step 1: Register for Online Consultation

Step 2: Pay for the Consultation

Step 3: Consultation via video call as per your time slot

From minor illness, pediatric problems, chronic conditions, to skin problems… we are here to help! Medical care by licensed doctors online in Indonesia.

Sometimes, all we need is a simple consultation with a qualified doctor to put our mind at ease and medication to manage the symptoms and feel better.

Whether you need medical attention for an acute illness or follow-up consultation for a chronic condition like diabetes, qualified doctors can help.

Doctors on the panel are:

Dr Rajesh Kalwani: Internist, Hematologist & Oncologist
Dr Bobby : Pulmonologist
Dr Johny Bahirwani: Ob-Gyn
Dr Narain Punjabi: Pediatrician
Dr Dimple Nagrani: Pediatrician
Dr Kirti Moorjani: Dentist
Dr Shilpa Dhoka: Ayurveda

Click on each individual doctors above to see doctors profile and set up appointment for online consultation.