Indoindians Giftshop Return and Refund Policy


Indoindians Giftshop aims to provide the best customer service available. We understand and appreciate the concerns of Internet shoppers regarding the security and proper fulfilment of their orders. We have established this return/refund policy to provide our customers with a complete understanding of how substitution of orders or refunds are processed:

  1. If any customer claims an order was not delivered, we ask that we are given at least 24-48 hours to investigate and to determine what has happened as each and every case can be different. We reserve the right to attempt a redelivery if this occurs.

  2. If it is determined that Indoindians Giftshop did not make the delivery attempt, it is our policy that we will provide the customer, either with a refund or redelivery.
  3. If an order is filled and delivered to the recipient and there is a question of the quality of the product, the recipient should contact Indoindians Giftshop customer service to discuss further options. In almost every case, we will gladly replace the product. To request a replacement, Indoindians Giftshop must be contacted within 48 hours of the delivery.
  4. Bear in mind that flowers, cakes and sweets are perishable and proper care is required.
  5. No refunds or replacements will be made for any order should the recipient or sender not notify us within 48 hours of the original delivery date.


Indoindians Giftshop reserves the right to reject any order provided to us that we deem questionable or possibly fraudulent. 

Should any customer place an order through Indoindians Giftshop and then need to cancel the order, the cancellation must be made prior to the delivery of the order. If the cancellation is received after the order is delivered, no refund can be issued.

Cancellations will not be accepted if a customer places an order but provides information that prevents direct delivery, such as in the case of a wrong office or home address or without a mobile contact number. The customer can obtain new information so that the order can then be properly delivered using correct information

Indoindians Giftshop is not responsible for any order where the recipient refuses to accept the item. Indoindians Giftshop will not issue refunds to any customer where the recipient, for whatever reason, will not accept the item or refuses delivery.


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