3 Simple Solutions for Spirit


Feeling frazzled, out of step with the world around you? Try these 3 spirit-renewing strategies and share your experience with us.

Do you compare yourself to others?

If you do, don’t waste your time dwelling on those who have more–be it time, money, fun, or whatever–than you do. Jealousy is a futile emotion and it certainly won’t change your life. Instead, think about how grateful you are for being alive and that you have the power to enjoy a beautiful day.

Get in touch with what inspires you?

One good way to do this is to create a motivation box (it can even be portable) or a special bulletin board you hang at your workplace. Then, whenever you come across something that gets your creative juices flowing–like a memorable quote you’ve written down, a stimulating article, a picture from a magazine, even a precious bit of nature–toss it into the box or tack it on the board and return to it often.

Want to feel younger?

Then just act younger. Do some of the fun things you used to do as a kid. Jump in puddles. Fly a kite. Sing some old camp songs loudly. Read a comic book. Play hopscotch. Rake up some leaves and jump in them. Dress up an old doll. Run through a sprinkler. You might feel silly, but you’ll also feel like you’ve just trimmed a few years off your age.


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