adv2Ever notice a classified ad that appears over and over, week after week? It is somebody’s Perfect Classified Ad. It may not be a literary thing of beauty, or even an ad that is very appealing–but for some reason it gets sales for its owner.

Getting your Perfect Classified Ad will come easier if you follow a simple plan.

Write your ad in complete sentences. Then cut out non-essential words to make your ad the required length. Start sentences with action words. Use short phrases.

While you are at it, write several versions of your classified ad. I usually try to knock out six at a time.

Next, test your ads. Run them all on free ad sites, in ezines, newspapers, or magazines. Be sure to include a code in your response info so you will know which ad produced the inquiry or sale.

Once you find an ad that works well, leave it alone. Resist the temptation to tweak an ad that is already successful.

Don’t worry if you or your associates become bored with the ad. Your audience is not as close to the ad and is only assured by its repetition.



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