Travelling to Bandung? Here are 10 Unique Souvenir Ideas for you to buy!


Bandung is famous for a number of things: delicious cuisine, mountain ranges, gedung sate and a cool climate. It is also great that Bandung has a lot of souvenirs that you can buy, from shoes to cuisine. Buying souvenirs can be an especially tricky thing, where there many things that you can buy.

Here are some ideas of souvenirs that you can buy while on a trip to Bandung:

Shoes, Bags and Wallets at Cibaduyut

Cibaduyut refers to one area in Bandung that especially stores shoes and bags. There are dozens of stores that sells items, we are sure you will find something that you like! Especially that Bandung is known to have the largest shoe industry in all of Indonesia and also known to have the longest line of vendors in Asia.

There, visitors will be able to look at numerous lines of high-quality shoes and bags. You can also have the choice of buying custom-made shoes. Moreover, the prices also tend to be more affordable, as you are buying it immediately from the artisan.

Visit Cibaduyut and prepare to be wowed!


Batik has been declared as world heritage culture by UNESCO, making it one of Indonesia’s best things to buy. With a unique method of dyeing cloth through wax resisting, the method has spread all throughout Indonesia. At this current moment, almost each area in Indonesia has their own signature pattern and motif. Bandung also has their own pattern that is particular to their own area, which mostly uses base color of black.


  • PD Manonjaya Batik Centre, Jl. Tamblong No. 64, Kb. Pisang, Bandung I Phone: +62-224239502
  • Toko Batik Kristin, Jl. Tamblong No. 62, Kebon Pisang, Bandung I Phone: +62-224236512
  • Batik Keris at Mall Paris Van Java, Paris Van Java, Lt Dasar GB-09, Jl. Sukajadi No.137-139, Cipedes, Kota Bandung I Phone: +62-2282063611 I Website:
  • Batik Keris at Trans Studio Mall,  Trans Studio Mall, t.1 Unit A170, A172, A176, A178, Jl. Gatot Subroto No.289, Batununggal, Bandung I Phone: +62-2286012021 I Website:
  • Batik Danar Hadi Martadinata, Jl. R E. Martadinata 60, Bandung I Phone:+62-224261665 I Website:
  • Batik Danar Hadi at Trans Studio Mall, 1st Floor Unit A 166-168, Jl. Gatot Subroto No. 289, Bandung I Phone: +62-2286012019 I Website:
  • Rumah Batik Komar Showroom, Jalan Sumbawa No.22 Bandung I Phone: +62-224237688 I Fax: +62-224210720 I E-mail: I Website: or
  • Rumah Batik Komar Main Office, Showroom and Workshop, Jalan Cigadung Raya Timur 1 no 5 Bandung I Phone & Fax: +62-222514788 I Whatsapp: +62-81223682669 I E-Mail : I Website: or
  • Wonderful Galeri Batik & Bordir, Jl. Cigadung Slt I 2-3, Bandung I Phone: +62-222501090 I E-Mail:
  • Batik Manonjaya Sumatera, Jalan Sumatera no.17, Bandung I Phone: +62-224206605
  • Batik Manonjaya Tamblong, Jalan Jl. Tamblong No. 64, Bandung I Phone: +62-224239502
  • Hasan Batik,  Jalan Cigadung Raya Timur 136, Coblong, Bandung I Phone: +62-8156070126 / +62-222501029
  • For batik textiles, head over to  Jabar Craft Center (JCC) Dekranasda Jawa Barat, Jalan Insinyur Haji Djuanda No.19, Dago, Bandung I Phone:  +62-224203914

Kartika Sari Bakery

The deliciousness of Kartika Sari bakery has spread via word-of-mouth from Bandung and the surrounding areas. Its particularly famous for its pisang molen (banana and cheese wrapped in pastry), although you can get other snacks from lapis legit, oval bagelan, brownies stick, steamed brownies to cheese roll.

You can also purchase numerous traditional snacks from lemper, kroket, bika ambon, risoles, tempe gurih (savory tempeh), kentang putih (white potato), oncom (fermented soybeans similar to tempeh) and many more.


  • Kartika Sari Jakeju, Jl. Kebon Jukut No. 3 C, Bandung I Phone: +62-224230397
  • Kartika Sari Kopo, Jl. Kopo Sayati No. 111 A, Bandung I Phone: +62-225414340
  • Kartika Sari Antapani, Jl. Terusan Jakarta No. 77 E, Bandung I Phone: +62-227101280
  • Kartika Sari Dago, Jl. Ir. H. Djuanda No. 85 ‐ 87, Dago, Bandung I Phone: +62-222509500
  • Kartika Sari Cimahi, Jl. Raya Timur No. 518, Cimahi I Phone: +62-226656280
  • Kartika Sari Buah Batu, Jl. Buah Batu No. 165 A, Bandung I Phone: +62-227319385
  • Kartika Sari Kawung, Jl. H. Akbar No. 4, Kebon Kawung, Bandung I Phone: +62-224231355, +62-4200441, I Fax: 4239678 I E-mail:
  • Kartika Sari Cimah, Jl. Raya Timur No. 518, Cimahi I Phone: +62-226656280
  • Kartika Sari Ujung Berung, Jl. A.H. Nasution No. 133, Ujung Berung, Bandung



Angklung is a famous traditional musical instrument in Indonesia that originates from Sundanese culture. It is played by shaking the instrument, each instrument representing one musical note. You can even buy a smaller sized angklung that is specifically meant for interior decorating. One place that we would recommend is the Saung Angklung Udjo, where you would be able to watch and angklung performance as well as buy angklung of various sizes and notes.

As the angklung specifically comes from the sunda culture, the angklung will most definitely remind you of bandung.

Saung Angklung Udjo

  • Address: Jl. Padasuka No.118, Cibeunying Kidul, Bandung
  • Phone: +62-227271714
  • E-mail:
  • Website:

Bamboo Wind Chime

Interested in wind chimes? Then you can most definitely purchase a bamboo wooden wind chime. Rather than the loud clinking noise of the metallic wind chime, those made from bamboo typically give off a softer tune when the wind blows. You can buy these wind chimes from various souvenir shops, although one we could recommend is Cupumanik store.

Tip: Bamboo Wind Chimes do not last as long when put outdoors.

Cupumanik Souvenir Shop

Address: Jl. H. Akbar No.10, Pasir Kaliki, Bandung

Phone: +62-224239456

Wayang Golek

Java has the wayang kulit, Sunda has the wayang golek. It is a puppet made of wood, which are then decorated with paint and plenty of sparkle in its crowns and clothes. The main difference is the shape of each puppet, in which wayang kulit is made with leather and colored with paint, while wayang golek is in the form of a puppet and is fully dressed. Despite their difference in shape and appearance, both the wayangs tell similar stories, such as the tales of Mahabarata. Each puppet represents a character in the story, in which the story teller sits in front of audiences and performs. You can buy these pieces of artwork from Sin Sin Souvenir shop.

Sin Sin Souvenir Shop
Address:  Jl. Braga No.59, Braga, Bandung
Phone: +62-224238574

Wooden Mask

Other than the angklung and wind chimes, wooden masks are the next best souvenirs to decorate your home. Worn by dancers from Cirebon in the mask dance, these wooden masks are more generally collected due to its intricate and beautiful designs. You can also purchase these masks from Cupu Manik store.

Tip: Vendors will usually give you a discount when you purchase many items at their store. The key to some of these stores are bargaining!

Cupu Manik Gallery
Address: Jl H Akbar No. 10, Bandung – West Java
Phone: +62-224239456

Whether it is the delicious food, clothing accessories or traditional accessories, all of these things are specialties to remember Bandung by. As important souvenirs are, don’t forget to enjoy the rest of the trip from its astonishing nature tourism, historical buildings and more.

Have you ever visited Bandung? When do you intend to visit? Share your comments below!


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