5 Delicious Dishes from Kudus

5 Delicious Dishes from Kudus: Lentog Tanjung

Kudus was once dubbed the city of muslim students. This nickname of course has a reason, because this area has intensive Islamic influences. Even in the Middle Ages, this city was one of the centers of the development of Islam on the island of Java.

Nowadays Kudus is better known as the city of kretek. In fact, it is clearly seen when we enter the city of Kudus from the direction of Semarang. We will be greeted by a city icon in the form of a large tobacco leaf. This is understandable, because Kudus is the place where the famous cigarette company, Djarum Kudus, is located in several places.

Here are 5 unique foods from Kudus:

  1. Lentog Tanjung

This food should immediately become a culinary destination for those who just visited this city. The food, which consists of lontong and vegetable gori (young jackfruit) mixed with pieces of tofu and cooked with a special seasoning. Usually, lentog tanjung is eaten with chicken satay, intestine satay, or quail egg satay. Regarding the price, you don’t need to be worry, because on average one portion of lentong Tanjung sells for 5000 rupiah, and satay is sold for 3000 rupiah per skewer.

  1. Soto Kudus

If you want soupy and fresh food without coconut milk, this is the food of choice. This soto, which is made from chicken meat, has a special seasoning that is different from soto in other cities. The aroma of fried garlic is so strong and appetizing. Usually this dish is also eaten with chicken satay, intestine satay, and quail egg satay. Prices for portions vary.

  1. Garang Asem Ayam

Garang Asem is usually cooked with buffalo meat or chicken meat. Usually, the chicken is cooked with special spices and pieces of chili and green tomatoes so that the taste is so delicious and fresh. Because this food is cooked by steaming, it an alternative if you are trying to avoid fried food.

  1. Nasi Pindang Kudus

Pindang can be buffalo meat or chicken. This dish is cooked with keluak, which includes buffalo meat mixed with melinjo leaves and coconut milk. It is almost similar to East Java rawon (beef soup using keluak), only the difference is that the sauce used includes coconut milk, while rawon is not. Besides that, Pindang rice is mixed with melinjo leaves, while rawon is sprinkled with sliced onions and sprouts. As for the taste, it’s definitely equally delicious. For nasi pindang made with chicken, it’s cooked without keluak.

  1. Tahu Telur Kudus

From the name, you can already guess that this food is made from tofu and fried eggs. This egg tofu is spread like pizza, smothered in peanut sauce that is roughly mashed mixed with brown sugar, so it has a sweet, spicy salty taste. For those who want food that is not too heavy, this menu can be an option. The taste of this dish in my opinion is similar to tahu campur Magelang (fried tofu with soybean sprout and dressing).

Which foods are you interested in trying? Have you tried any? Share your experience in the comment section below!