Make Colorful Recycled & Environmentally Friendly Coasters

In order to keep a clean and tidy home, coasters are something that you should own. It prevents the mess and decorates your tables...
Making Books with Children

Making Memory Books with Children

Expand your child's love of books by making a creative book. This wonderful activity with your child is a pleasure and a learning opportunity....

7 Mother’s Day Gifts From All Around The World

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10 Amazingly Simple Easter Egg Designs

10 Amazingly Simple Easter Egg Designs

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Fun Indoor Activities for Children

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PARENTING IN A PANDEMIC: Stay calm, explain the facts and...

By Shareen Ratnani We have been thrown into an anxiety producing situation with the coronavirus – an unprecedented experience faced by parents with varied emotions....
Indoindians - India Club Children’s Painting Competition

Indoindians Children’s Painting Competition on Sunday, 16th Feb 2020 – Postponed

Indoindians 5th onsite painting competition is on Sunday, 16th Feb 2020, along with the art exhibition. This year’s themes are ‘My dream home’ &...

List of Family-Friendly Halloween Promotions 2019

Halloween is here once again! It’s the time of the year to enjoy spookiness and put on a costume for fun. While your whole...

7 #Halloween Treats From All Around the World

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#Halloween: 7 Easy Halloween Costume Ideas

It will be Halloween soon, and costumes are being planned. There are many options that you can choose these days, from making these costumes yourself...