7 Best Painting Courses for Children in Jakarta

7 Best Painting Courses for Children in Jakarta

Jakarta, the bustling capital of Indonesia, offers a variety of learning options to nurture skills for all ages. From drawing and making cards to painting on walls, art activities are incredibly exciting for children. While honing their artistic creativity at home is wonderful, several courses are available that are ready to develop their skills further.

Benefits of Painting Courses for Children

Although psychologists suggest that children under seven years old are still in their imaginative phase, painting activities in a structured course can offer numerous benefits. Beyond developing talents and interests, painting allows for self-expression, color recognition for young children, right-brain stimulation, and much more. Below are some recommended painting courses in Jakarta that provide excellent facilities and infrastructure for your child’s artistic growth.

1. Ganara Art Studio

Located in Melawai, South Jakarta, Ganara Art Studio offers art classes for toddlers to teenagers. Classes include Early Art Sensory Class, Art Playdate (combining cooking, painting, and crafting), and Advanced Figure Painting Class. For more details, visit www.ganaraartstudio.com or check their Instagram at @ganaraartstudio.

2. Art Nouveau Interactive Studio

Established in 2002, Art Nouveau Interactive Studio has evolved from a simple art learning center into a major training center for various art projects. They offer classes for all ages, including training and art activities in schools, private decor and corporate projects, charity projects, and art therapy workshops. Art therapy sessions can be conducted individually or in groups, and are beneficial for children with special needs.

The studio is located at Jl. Margasatwa No. 51, Pondok Labu, Cilandak, Jakarta. Contact them at +62816 881110 or art2nouveau@gmail.com.

3. Marvellous Little Maestro

Marvellous Little Maestro encourages children to freely express themselves through art without limitations. They offer fun activities such as making keychains, creating wall hangings, painting t-shirts, and much more. Each participant receives a certificate of appreciation.

Located at Jl. Kemang Dalam IX No. F27, Kemang, South Jakarta. For more details, contact Ms. Lizna at 082144468072 or visit their Instagram at @littlemaestrojakarta.

4. Hadiprana Art Center

Hadiprana Art Center, known as one of Jakarta’s oldest art galleries, offers a wide range of art classes for children and adults. Children can take classes in painting with acrylic or oil on canvas, crayon classes, and drawing classes.

The centers are located at:

Jl. Pengambiran No. 438 A, Rawamangun, East Jakarta,

Jl. DR GSSY Ratulangi No. 5, Menteng, Central Jakarta. Contact them at 021-29847755 or 081380424388.

5. OHAYO Drawing School

OHAYO Drawing School is the first Indonesian painting school with international standards. They offer unique, thematic classes and comprehensive teaching modules developed from study trips to Japan and workshops in various countries. OHAYO Drawing School also holds national and international competitions.

Located at Gunung Sahari Raya No. 60-63, Ruko Gunung Sahari Permai C No.7, Jakarta Pusat Ph: 021 4207905 / 6 atau 0818 745 078, www.ohayolukis.com

  1. Kutakkatik Art & Craft Class

Kutakkatik Art & Craft Class is perfect for children aged 3–14 years. The classes, lasting 60–90 minutes, include drawing, painting, crafting, sewing, baking, yoga art, and more. The studio, founded by graphic designer graduates Fraya and Kyra Pradiono.

Located at Jl. Kartika Alam III, No. 26–28, Pondok Indah, South Jakarta. Visit their Facebook page Kutakatik Art & Craft Class for more details.

  1. KidzArt Indonesia

KidzArt is one of the children’s drawing schools in Jakarta that follows an art drawing program from America. KidzArt focuses on building children’s confidence and skills through a non-competitive yet enjoyable learning environment. The classes are divided into several age groups: Squiggles to Grin for ages 2-3.5 years, Discover for ages 3.5-4.5 years, Connect for ages 4.5-6 years, Imagine for ages 6-9 years, Explore for ages 9-12 years, and Aspire for ages 12-15 years. Here, children are provided with practice classes and introduced to drawing objects through videos and more vivid examples.

Located in Ruko Sentra Niaga Blok T5 no. 12, Jl Puri Indah Raya, RT.1/RW.2, South Kembangan, Kembangan, West Jakarta City, Jakarta 17131 or Instagram at @kidzartindonesia