List of Affirmations for Your Body & Mind

Although it merely seems like a cluster of words and sentences, affirmations are more than that. It has been proven numerous times that the...

6 Ways to Bring More Gratitude Into Our Life

Wherever we are in life, it is crucial that we show gratitude to the blessings we have. It may not be easy, but being...

#EventReport: Meditation with Sangeeta Jaggia, Reiki and Meditation Master

Guided meditation session with Sangeeta Jaggia, Reiki master and meditation master laid the foundations for feeling relaxed and 'at home' within yourself. During this...
Introduction to Meditation Workshop

#EventReport: Introduction to Meditation

Indoindians Introduction to Mediation online session was facilitated by coach Shalini Matai. It was an interactive session which answered queries and led the participants...
Borobudur under the full moon of Vesak

Vesak or Budh Purnima – From Darkness to Light

Buddha Purnima, a Buddhist festival, marks Gautama Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death. He is thought to have been born in 623 B.C, so this...

#EventReport: Mindfulness Practice – A Creative Mind

Mindfulness means maintaining a moment-by-moment awareness of our thoughts, feelings, bodily sensations, and surrounding environment, through a gentle, nurturing lens. ... When we practice mindfulness, our...
Nyepi Celebrations

Rituals of Nyepi: The World’s Most Unique New Year Celebration

Balinese Hindus make offerings and perform temple rituals to placate demons that they believe personify the destructive forces of nature. On the day before...

The Legend of Kamadeva and Lord Shiva on Holi

One of the legends related to Holi is the sacrifice of Kamadeva. It was told that the world is looked after the Trinity of...

5 Daily Healing Routines for Your Mind

Every day, we are bombarded with tasks and chores that we need to do. Most of the time, these chores make us exhausted both...

5 Easy Ways to be Mindful in your Day to Day...

The modern way of life has changed many things, including adding to daily stress. Therefore, it is all the more vital that remain in...
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