14 Unique Chinese New Year Traditions

Chinese New Year is the time of the year to embrace family members as well as close friends. Just like any other holiday, it...
Indoindians Online Event - Diabetes & Healthy Lifestyle with Geeta Seth

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Living and Working in Jakarta

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter: Living and Working in Jakarta online here >> Namaste friends, Our online event on a Guide to living in Jakarta was a success...

Chinese New Year Celebrations All Over the World

Chinese New Year is a festive occasion that celebrates the beginning of the new year on the traditional Chinese calendar. For this reason, the...

Recommended Sofa Cleaning Services in Jakarta

Did you know that your home is not really clean if your sofa is dirty? There at least two reasons to have your sofa cleaned...
Guide to living in Jakarta

Indoindians Online Event: A Guide to Living in Jakarta

Have you or will you be relocating to Jakarta? Are you a newcomer or a long time resident of Jakarta? Having trouble navigating your lifestyle in...
indonesia census 2020

Indonesia Fact File

MOTTO: Unity in Diversity ANTHEM: Indonesia Raya CAPITAL CITY: Jakarta OFFICIAL LANGUAGE: Bahasa Indonesia MAJOR LANGUAGES: Bahasa Indonesia, English, Dutch, Javanese, and other...
Recommended Internet Service Providers in Indonesia

Recommended Internet Service Providers in Indonesia

Indonesia's average Internet connection speed is almost the lowest compared to more than 40 other countries. Based on research released by Hootsuite, in January...
madhubani peacock by Meha Agarwal

Indoindians Online Event: Learn Madhubani Painting with Meha Agarwal

Madhubani art originated from India- Bihar Mithila region. It’s also know as Mithila painting and name varies with different regions. This art was traditionally...
A Guide to Mobile Internet Plans in Indonesia

A Guide to Mobile Data Plans in Indonesia

We must admit that mobile internet or data plan is a part of our monthly budget. What started out as a tertiary need is...
Covid-19 test before travelling to Bali

COVID Testing For Domestic Travel to Bali?

The coronavirus pandemic has limited travel with closed borders and regulations. Although that is the case, domestic travelling is still an option for those...
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