12 Traditional Fabrics of Sumba

Indonesia is rich in culture. From food, rituals to traditions, each area has distinctly different or a mix from other cultures surrounding it. Textiles...

Indoindians Online Event: Paper Quilling Workshop on Saturday, 28th Nov

Sangita Patni teaches this Craft workshop - Quilling or paper filigree is an art form that involves the use of strips of paper that...

Savory & Spicy Sambal Matah Recipe

Sambal is a favorite condiment in Indonesia. Typically made with chilies, tomatoes, onion and garlic or sambal terasi. There are many variations from location...

5 Places in Bali Mentioned in Folklore

Although Bali is only one part of Indonesia, it’s rich culture has enchanted many to come and explore. The magic of its culture not...
IWEC Awards and Conference 2020

IWEC Foundation 2020 Indonesia Awardees

New York-Based Global Women’s Business Organization IWEC Celebrates 13th Annual Conference and Awards Gala Virtually The International Women’s Entrepreneurial Challenge Foundation (IWEC) will be celebrating...

8 Iconic Natural Attractions In and Around Jakarta

Jakarta, as a metropolitan city, is most known for its bustling nightlife and malls. It’s easy to say that that is all to Jakarta,...
Indoindians Diwali eBazaar with sponsor

3 days to Indoindians Diwali eBazaar on Sunday, 1st Nov

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter online here >> Namaste friends, Drumroll... Just 3 days to Indoindians Diwali eBazaar on Sunday, 1st Nov, streaming LIVE at bit.ly/live-bazaar at www.indoindianshop.com Schedule as below: 12...

The Backpacker’s Guide to Bandung

Bandung is the capital of the West Java province in Indonesia, and the country’s third largest city by population. Backpackers who travel here have...

List of International Medical Clinics in Jakarta

If you have a minor medical emergency where you don't need to go to the hospital but need to meet the doctor, then going...
Indoindians bazaar vendor registration

Vendor Registration for ONLINE Diwali Indoindians eBazaar 2020

Indoindians Bazaar - Experience a fusion of fashion, food and lifestyle. Quality DIWALI products by local vendors for lifestyle, home, fashion, food and education. LIVE...