Enjoy your Holiday in Malang!

East Java has been one of the most favorite tourism destinations in Indonesia. The cities have their own special attractions and uniqueness that attract...

6 Underrated Exotic Destinations in Indonesia

Indonesia is an archipelago with numerous islands for travelers to visit. Travelling to Bali and Yogyakarta may seem delightful, however it may not be...

12 Bars & Restaurants for Live Music in Jakarta

Jakarta is a city that never sleeps, which is why there are all sorts of entertainment one can enjoy at night. Those who love...
Indoindians - India Club Children’s Painting Competition

Indoindians Children’s Painting Competition on Sunday, 16th Feb 2020 – Postponed

Indoindians 5th onsite painting competition is on Sunday, 16th Feb 2020, along with the art exhibition. This year’s themes are ‘My dream home’ &...
Our picks of the best facial treatments in Jakarta

Our picks of the best facial treatments in Jakarta

We all agree that Jakarta is a hot and humid city and it takes an extra effort to keep our skin healthy while living...
5 Top Things to do in Flores

5 Top Things #ToDo in Flores

Most of the tourist attractions in Indonesia are always packed with visitors. These places are not really suitable for visitors looking for a deeper understanding to the...
Travel to Malang

Malang: Getting There

East Java is a favored travel destination in Indonesia as each city has its own unique characteristic and exciting destinations. One of these cities in...

Yu Sheng or Prosperity Toss: A Fun Chinese New Year Tradition

There is another specialty food for Chinese New Year celebration: Yu Sheng. It is often served as part of a multi-dish dinner, usually as...
Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Indonesia

On 16th February the Chinese community in Indonesia will celebrate Chinese New Year or Imlek as it is commonly called. In China the holiday...
#WheretoGo: Hiking Mountains in Indonesia

#WheretoGo: Hiking Mountains in Indonesia

The list of tourist attractions in Indonesia is never ending! This country has many beautiful beaches, exciting man-made amusement parks, lots of shopping centers, and a very rich...