Amazing Borobudur and Prambhanan: Weekend Getaway

Borobudur in Indonesia

Yet another exciting long weekend spent well.  As an expat living in Jakarta, Indonesia one does not really value the neighboring cities. As they are easily accessible, human nature of what comes easy is hardly valued.

I practice Buddhism by choice since i have come to Jakarta. A daily chanting of NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO…the lotus sutra of Buddha is the way to practice. My husband had long ago found out that the oldest and biggest Buddha temple lies in the lap of Jogjakarta, a city near by, a mere 50 minute flight from Jakarta.

Well the Buddha temple, Borobudur was our first destination in the not so great city. We reached there early morning at 4 am before sunrise, to witness the sunrise at the Buddha stupa. It was an experience climbing so high in minutes with super huge stone steps. We reached the top and chanting my lotus mantra there. It was amazing to see the 1200 years old architecture, now restored by UNESCO, and declared a world heritage.  It was amazing and we learned a lot from the the guide, who narrated all about it.

Geeta's Borobudur Experience

Geeta's Borobudur Experience

Out second destination was Prambanan, a Hindu temple of the trinity, Brahma Vishnu Shiva – as old as 1200 years. We were amazed to see the idols of Shiva, Ganesha, Durga Maa. The magnificence and history of the temple took our breath away.

Geeta at Prambhanan

Ganesha at Pramabhanan

Durga at Pramabhanan

Well after lots of walking, we found solace at our Hyatt hotel and spa, where we were treated in the evening with Ramayana ballet.

Ramayana Ballet

The 3 night stay in Jogjakarta was memorable with its lovely Indonesian Javanese food and hospitality.

Thank you my husband Richard and daughter Sonia for an awesome holiday.

by Geeta Seth