7-Best-Photo-Editing Apps-you-Must-Try

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Are you an Instagrammer??? The appearance of Instagram has made pictures the new mode of expression. Images, likes and so forth has become our new...


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Facial skin is one of the areas we take care of the most. So much, that we forget about our body’s skin like the...


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Eyeshadow can create a great impact for any woman. Bigger, more defined eyes can be achieved by applying eyeshadow. Its not just applying eyeshadow,...

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Makeup can do wonders for the looks and confidence for a  person - it can freshen your face to increasing your sense of self...

Beauty Tips For Men

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Don’t worry, it’s not un-manly to actually use something other than soap to cleanse and nourish your skin and hair. If you still cringe...


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Body odor may come from different parts of the body, but to most people it sources from the armpits. Unfortunately the deodorants...


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Just 12 steps to perfect makeup.

Indoindians 2nd Makeup Workshop with Lakme on Thursday, 9th May

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Indoindians 2nd Makeup Workshop with Lakme on Thursday, 9th May is now FULLY BOOKED After 1st successful Lakmé workshop Indoindians is coming up with 2nd...

Lakme Indoindians Makeup Class

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Indoindians Makeup Workshop with Lakme on Thursday, 2nd May Register today for a fun, interactive and hands on makeup tutorial by Lakme expert right here...

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Holi is around the corner and if you are enjoy this colorful festival playing with colors, somebody will find you and throw you into...