Best Skin Sun-Protection for Summer

In tropical countries, sun protection is absolutely necessary to protect the skin. Intense UVA/ UVB rays can wreak havoc on your skin causing hyperpigmentation,...
11 Foods That Should Be Reduced to Eat for Healthy Skin: Sweets and Sugary Cereals

11 Foods to Avoid for Acne Free Skin

Maintaining healthy skin is is an inside out job. What you eat contributes greatly to healthy skin. Diet mistakes can cause premature aging, swelling,...

DIY Green Deodorant to Keep you Fresh All Day

Body odor may come from different parts of the body, but to most people it sources from the armpits. Unfortunately the deodorants made by...

#BeautyTip: Rice Water For Your Skin

Cooking rice is an everyday routine in Indonesia do, as rice is a staple food. Before cooking the rice, cleaning the rice is an...
Lakme Indoindians Makeup Class

Indoindians Makeup Workshop with Lakme on Thursday, 2nd May

Indoindians Makeup Workshop with Lakme on Thursday, 2nd May Register today for a fun, interactive and hands on makeup tutorial by Lakme expert right here...

6-Step Skincare to Reverse Aging Within 2 Weeks

Among the skin problems most of us are experiencing, aging is probably one of the hardest to manage. When it comes to it, how are...
Are parabens safe?

What are parabens? Are they safe?

In the past few years, there has been a buzz about how parabens are dangerous and carcinogenic. But, is it true? Parabens are chemicals commonly...

The Best Places and Websites to Buy Beauty Products in Jakarta

You no longer have to go abroad for buying imported cosmetics and beauty products. In the 'Big Durian', there are many beauty store options...