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Have you had the pleasure of biting into a light, fluffy, bun which at a glance it looks like baked cheesecake’s filling - cloud...

10 Best Sources of Antioxidants

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Did you ever realize that we are often bombarded with foods and drinks claiming to be packed with antioxidants? It seems like antioxidants are...

#PaleoDesserts: Grain-free Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

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Try this soft and chewy cookies recipe whenever you want a quick and hassle-free paleo snack. This recipe is gluten-free, dairy-free, and totally vegan. Ingredients: ...

#PaleoDesserts: Coconut Mango Popsicles Recipe

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A taste of a tropical beach with these paleo popsicles. These homemade pops use rich coconut milk combined perfectly with the sweetness of mangoes....

Blueberry Lime Cheesecake Recipe

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Regular cheesecakes that we know are made of the mixture of cream cheese, whipping cream, and sometimes a little bit of flour and egg...

All about Paleo Diet

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Do you want to know about paleo diet? The paleo diet is a hugely popular diet trend these days. The name itself reminds us of paleontology, a...

Herbs and Spices in Bahasa Indonesia

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HERBS & SPICES Aniseed Jinten Manis Basil Kemangi Bay Leaf Daun Salam Cardamom Kopol Chives Kucai Coriander Ketumbar Leaves Daun Ketumbar Cinnamon Stick Kayu Manis Cloves Cengkeh Garlic Bawang Putih Ginger Jahe Lemon Grass Serai Nutmeg Pala Parsley Peterseli Pepper Merica Black Pepper Merica Hitam White Pepper Merica Putih Salt Garam Sesame Biji Wijen Turmeric Kunir Vanilla Panilli Fenugreek Kulabet Fennel Ades Manis

7 Popular Types of Mangoes You Must Try

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Mango or Mangga (in Bahasa) is one of the tropical fruits that you can find in Indonesia all year long. There are many types...

Make Ahead Meal Recipe: Breakfast Empanadas

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It is actually very easy to start a healthy eating habit: it all starts in your kitchen. Unfortunately, busy schedules can make fast food...

Make Ahead Recipe: Very Green Lentils Soup

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Lentils or Daal goes well with anything, and combining them with variations of greens makes a perfect healthy dinner. The cumin and coriander add...