What is Runner’s High? How to Achieve it?

Although many people claim to have experienced a runner’s high, it is elusive and hard to find. Even science cannot prove that it exists...

Enjoyable Brain Teaser Mobile Apps for Children

Children love to play games. It’s fun, engaging and challenging at the same time. No matter what, it is very difficult to turn off...

#Top3 #ThisWeek: Pay Taxes Online, Boba Tea Recipe & More About...

Jakarta is back to its normal state. Traffic and busy intersections are cropping up, along with pollution, crowded places and more! The city maybe...

9 Unique Yoga Trends of 2019

Yoga has been experiencing a modern resurgence, in which it has been incorporated into many morning routines to help with the pressures of modern...

11 Effective Pre- and Post-Workout Stretches

Workout routines are not a do-it-and-smash-it routine. Going right into the routine will only make your muscles have a higher chance of being injured...

All About Vitamin E

We all need different types of vitamins from A, B, C, E and more. Our food technically contains all of the vitamins, however there...
Happiness is Yoga

Happiness is Yoga

By Rutu Trivedi Panjwani: As International Yoga day is approaching on 21st  of June what can be a better occasion to talk about yoga...

#EventReport Indoindians DIY Workshop with Rita Srivastava 

The Indoindians DIY workshop of homemade detergent and with Rita Srivastava, a green thinker and an advocate, was a success. Rita provided all equipment and...
Happiness is Yoga

Beginning Yoga? Here are some tips

Yoga practice can do more than just regular stretching. Yoga needs regular training and practice to reach peak effectiveness and expertise. Beginners may be...
Dengue Fever

Dengue fever – symptoms, treatment and prevention

Dengue fever is a viral disease, transmitted by a bite from the mosquito Aedes aegypti which has previously bitten an infected person... How Does It...