Stretching Routine For Full Body Flexibility

Stretching is an important exercise that is undeniably important. It keeps the muscles flexible, strong and healthy. Underrated as it may be, but keeping...

Kitchen Cleaning Tips for Germ Free Cooking

By: Danielle Hegedus Whether you’re part of the slow food movement, preparing gourmet meals from scratch, or you microwave like a champ, you still need...

Tips for Eating Well

Contrary to popular belief, there are no "good" or "bad" foods. There is only good diet and bad diet. As long as the foods...
Indoindians Online Health Session

Online Health Session with Dr Rajesh on 28th May

Indoindians online health talk with Dr Rajesh via an online zoom session to answer you most pressing queries and provide health tips. During this global...

Living with COVID-19

Although the toll of those infected by the coronavirus has not reduced by a significant number, the government has considered opening up businesses and...
Nutrition for Immunity Indoindians Online Event with Geeta Seth

Indoindians Online Event: Nutrition for Immunity on May 27th

“Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”  said Hippocrates. It's obvious from Hippocrates writings, that diet and lifestyle regime were at...
Recommended doctors in Jakarta

Recommended Medical Doctors in Jakarta

Print out this page and stick it on your refrigerator as a ready resource. A growing list of medical doctors recommended by the Indoindians...

7 Useful Tips to Beginning Tai Chi

Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts form, in which its roots are deeply rooted in ancient China. These days, Tai Chi is considered...

All About the Warrior Diet

Staying healthy is no easy feat, as many fad diets come and go. However, there is one diet that seems to stay its course...

6 Self-Care Tips During Quarantine

While in this current pandemic lockdown or self quarantine, you may feel anxious and nervous about the situation outside your doors. This pandemic, although...