Pet Relocation: Preparation, Procedures & Documentation

M.T Rajah from Kellys Express, a premier logistics company in Jakarta says that transporting your pet needs a lot of preparation, both document-wise and...
6 #MustVisit Temples in Indonesia

6 #MustVisit Temples in Indonesia

Hindu and Buddha temples are some of the most famous destinations to visit while in Indonesia. Visiting the temples is a marvellous adventure as...

6 Recommended Pet Sitting Services in Bali

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Relocating Pets to Indonesia

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Making Memories This Summer

#SUMMERFUN: Recommended Activities during Summertime

Summer is the time of travel, fun and joy! Don’t let the heat bother you. Seek adventures while you can. This is the time...
7 #MustTry Balinese Local Foods

7 #MustTry Balinese Local Foods

Talking about Bali would be incomplete without the cuisine. Bali has many interesting and exotic selections that you would not want to miss while visiting...

7 Traditional Bali Dishes You Must Try

Bali is a land of culture, tradition and mystique. It was due to these traits that many people are attracted to visit Bali. But...
Hinduism in Bali

Hinduism in Bali in Brief

The moment you land in Bali you are enveloped in Hinduism. The air is fragrant with incense and flowers everywhere. The Balinese are often...

7 Amazing Facts about Nyepi Celebrations

A unique Hindu festival celebrated in Indonesia is Nyepi Day (Day of Silence). The calm and quiet atmosphere during Nyepi differentiates this celebration amongst...

Geringsing – Balinese Traditional Textile: History, Beliefs and Fun Facts

Geringsing is the traditional textile in Bali, Indonesia. This particular textile is only used on special occasions. Not only is it used on special...