A Week Long or Longer Road Trip Jakarta-Bali

5 Cities With Majestic Night Views in Indonesia: Surabaya

Get ready for an amazing drive as you travel from Jakarta to Bali by car. The distance from Jakarta to Seminyak, Bali is 1,188km, which totals approximately 18 hours of land travel. This might seem like an endless drive, but the scenery along the way makes it more than worth it. This trip will pass through Yogyakarta and Banyuwangi, then cross to Bali. Here is a route for a road trip from Jakarta to Bali that you can try for a 7-8-day trip:

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Day 1:

  • Jakarta-Tasikmalaya

Depart early in the morning from Jakarta to Tasikmalaya for lunch there. This trip passes through the Jakarta-Cikampek and Purbaleunyi toll roads, then take the exit at Cileunyi to go to Nagreg to Tasikmalaya. Arriving in Tasikmalaya, try the Pecel Oranye and the typical Tasikmalaya Soto Ayam Patamuran.

  • Tasikmalaya-Purwokerto-Yogyakarta
Mendoan and chili sauce
Source: anekamakananusantara.blogspot.co.id

From Tasikmalaya, the journey continues to Purwokerto to enjoy the city’s local food. Before leaving Purwokerto, you can buy typical Purwokerto snacks to enjoy during the trip, such as mendoan, keripik tempe, gethuk goreng, and nopia. From Purwokerto continue the journey to Yogyakarta and stay overnight there.

Day 2:

6-Must-Visit-Temples-in-Indonesia-Candi-PlaosanDuring the second day in Yogyakarta, visit Plaosan Temple which consists of the Plaosan Kidul (South) and Plaosan Lor (North) temples. Then go shopping at the oldest market in the city of Yogyakarta, namely Beringharjo Market in Malioboro. Then, to Krebet Village to see wooden batik products. If there is still time, visit Parangtritis Beach, then continue to Breksi Cliff.

Day 3:

  • Yogyakarta-Banyuwangi

5 Unique and Home-y Boutique Hotels in Jakarta: DharmawangsaThis will be a very long journey because it goes through the toll road and the north coast route as far as 600 km. Depart from Yogyakarta in the morning, then use the Trans Java toll road from the Colomadu Toll Gate in Boyolali. Continue the journey to Probolinggo. Arriving in Banyuwangi, look for lodging to spend the night there.

Day 4:

  • Banyuwangi-Bali


A Week Long or Longer Road Trip Jakarta-Bali: Banyuwangi-Bali

On the way from Banyuwangi to Bali, visit Grand Watu Dodol. This place is one of the rest areas for long trips between cities which is strategically located on the side of the road. Here there are several restaurants with a beautiful sea view. After resting, the next trip is directly across to Bali from Ketapang Harbor, Banyuwangi. Don’t forget to buy tickets online in advance.

Day 5:

6-Romantic-Destinations-in-Bali-for-Couples-LovinaSpend the fifth day in Bali by visiting the first location, namely Tamblingan Lake, to imbibe the spiritual atmosphere at one with nature. The location of this lake is quite close to Lake Beratan which you can visit too. Then, head to Lovina Beach to see dolphins swimming up close. Next, go to Gitgit Waterfall which is the highest waterfall on the island of Bali.

Day 6:

  • Bali

A Week Long or Longer Road Trip Jakarta-Bali: Tianyar Savanna

Enjoy the morning with the freshness of natural water at the 30-meter-high Yeh Mampeh Waterfall in Les Village which can be reached by trekking. The journey continues to the Tianyar Savanna which is similar to the expanse of savanna in Africa. This exotic meadow has a scenic backdrop of Mount Agung.

Day 7:

  • Bali-Banyuwangi-Jember-Surabaya

5 Cities With Majestic Night Views in Indonesia: SurabayaIf this is the end of your Bali trip, the return journey begins by going back to Banyuwangi, Jember and staying overnight in Surabaya. The journey takes about 10 hours 35 minutes, including the ferry and the toll road, if there are no traffic jams. Arriving in Surabaya to stay another night before returning to Jakarta the next day.

Day 8

  • Head back to Jakarta

Which tourist attractions would you most like to visit during your road trip to Bali and back?