How to Stop Excessive Worry

There are probably as many tips for dealing with worry as there are four treating hiccups. However, one can never have enough. Here are 12...

Kamalkakri Channa Pulao (Lotus Stem and Garbanzo Beans Pilaf) by Nina...

The pilaf is a predominant rice dish that involves cooking in stock or broth, added with spices and other ingredients such as vegetables or...

8 Fruit Peels That Are Beneficial For Your Health

When eating a fruits, the first thing that we usually do is to throw away the skin. We think that we are ingesting vitamins...
3-Ingredient Vegan Dessert Recipes To Try: Vegan Nutella 

3-Ingredient Vegan Dessert Recipes To Try

Do you have movie nights with your whole family? If that is the case, then you will need to prepare snacks for the night. Increase...

Tips and Tricks to Improve Hair Texture

Is your hair feeling rough, dry, coarse or limp? That is a sign that your hair is in need of help. However, since hair is...

Relax and Glow with Candles

You’ve lit candles for birthdays, romantic dinners, special evenings, at church - and on many more occasions. But its healing powers often go unnoticed....
Indoindians Artist Group

Indoindians Artists Group

The Indoindians Artist Group is made up of vibrant, dynamic and creative Indian artists in Indonesia. They support and share skills and techniques through workshops,...

28 Birthday Party Games

Birthday parties are the perfect time to create wonderful memories with your children. Whether it is 10 years or 15 years later, your children...

Ultimate Guide to Declutter, Clean and Style your Home

Renovating the look of your home is never easy. From packing to unraveling the accessories, moving the furniture to choosing the right wall colors,...
Manage COVID-19 with the world's Smallest, Smartest, and Cheapest #Ventilator - AgVa Advanced Ventilator

The world’s Smallest, Smartest, and Cheapest Ventilator – AgVa Advanced Ventilator

Manage COVID-19 with the world's Smallest, Smartest, and Cheapest Ventilator - AgVa Advanced Ventilator Download brochure here >> Coronavirus infection can cause respiratory failure in patients. In this...