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Avocado is a superfood. It contains many vitamins such as vit C, E, K, and B-6. It also has many minerals such as riboflavin...
University Admission Plan: Prepare Ahead Tips for Success

Just yesterday you have been helping your child decide what to wear or what to eat. But suddenly you realize how time flew by...

When you are stressed, Ladies’ Night can be the ideal solution to refresh yourself. You will be able to dress up, meet your friends...
One of the biggest, easiest, and longest lasting tips for happiness

Hope you're looking good and feeling great today! This holistic sense of wellbeing overflows in to all aspects of our lives, bringing about more happiness,...

Looking good and feeling good are extremely important to supermodels. They have to maintain their weight while eating a balanced and nutritious diet. For these...

Pressing flowers is fun! Pressing flowers is an ancient art form. Botanists from both the Greek and Roman periods were known to preserve plants...

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Protect Yourselves from Scam and Fraudulent Emails

By Poonam Sagar: We are building our lives around our wired and wireless networks. The question is, are we ready to work together to...

All the adversity I’ve had in my life, all my troubles and obstacles, have strengthened me….You may not realize it when it happens, but...

Bandung, City of Flowers, is the provincial capital of West Java and Indonesia' s third largest city. Known in colonial times as the Paris...
5 Paleo Desserts Recipe You Want to Try Now

Desserts are such a part of meals that are too good to be left behind. But, when you’re following a Paleo diet, it can...
5 Must Visit National Parks in Indonesia

1 1730
If you are a nature lover then you have to visit Indonesia's national parks which not only offer beautiful scenery but also the perfect ambiance for relaxing and...
Broccoli Apple Fusion Salad Recipe

Welcome to day 1 of our healthy #7DaySimplySalads recipes for weight loss. The printable shopping list is here>> Today, broccoli has become a common household favorite and...


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