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Need to get a manicure and pedicure before you go to this evening’s party? Here are perfect places in Jakarta where you can glam your...
5 Recommended Pest Control Services in Jakarta

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Living in tropical country like Indonesia means that you also have to deal with a variety of household pests. Hiring a professional pest control...
Stampede Beans and Barley Recipe

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This version of baked beans adds the goodness of barley, and the surprising subtle sweetness of prunes for a high-fiber, low-fat favorite. Ingredients: 1 tsp...
Mushroom and Barley Risotto Recipe

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This delicious and hearty mushroom risotto substitutes fiber-rich barley for the more traditional arborio rice and works well as a main dish or side...
Cream of Mushroom and Barley Soup Recipe

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Try this sophisticated take on creamy mushroom soup that is rich with earthy porcini mushrooms and has the added goodness of whole-grain barley. Ingredients: 1/2...
Herb Roasted Salmon and Barley Salad Recipe

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How about fresh, juicy salmon combined with barley salad for today's lunch? This dish will delight with every dill-and-parsley-infused bite. Ingredients: 1/2 cup pearl barley kosher...

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Make Your Own Pasta

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The simplest pasta is made of flour, eggs and salt. Allow 100 gms per person Ingredients : 200gms plain flour sea salt 2 eggs (large) Directions : Place salt and...

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Turn your working life into a well-oiled machine. Is your career moving along smoothly, like a finely oiled automobile? Or is it sputtering along the...
Pasta Perfect

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Prepare it simple or lavish, pasta is the perfect, fail-proof staple for just about any occasion. For a quick, tasty meal, nothing beats pasta. It's...
Kids Holiday Computer Activities

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Just your type! Using computers to create summer stories. Have children gather pictures from magazines or books that depict their favorite summertime activities or places....
mango kulfi

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 Ingredients : 5 cup Milk (regular) 6 Tablespoons grated Khoya ½ cup condensed milk 4 Alphonso mangoes 4 tablespoons sugar Method : Boil milk till half its quantity. Add Khoya Add condensed milk Add...
back pain

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Have you ever woken up with a sharp pain in your neck or a muscle spasm in your back? It's awful! Back pain is...


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