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City Tour Jakarta: Explore Jakarta with Double-decker Buses

We can see that Jakarta government is continuously developing their services for tourists. Not only are the attractions are well-kept to make tourists more...
badam ki bafri

Here is a really simple microwave Badam barfi recipe. It takes all the hard work out of this traditional Indian sweet making process. Try...
5 Makeup Guides for This Year’s Holiday Season Party

Plan out your Christmas and New Year party look starting now! Combing this year’s trend to create an admirable party look for the holiday season...
Beauty Tips For Men

Don’t worry, it’s not un-manly to actually use something other than soap to cleanse and nourish your skin and hair. If you still cringe...

Namaste, Helen Keller once said ‘Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.’ Our health and happiness is...
Vegetarian Resto in Bali

  In term of culinary tourism, Bali is a paradise for vegetarians and vegans. This place never seems to run out of its abundant options...

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There are many reasons why having a flexible body is essential to our well-being as flexibility prevents everyday injury including muscle and disc strains that occur...

Global Diplomat DIGITAL MEDIA, CULTURE, AND PUBLIC DIPLOMACY Courtesy: Dr. N. D. Batra, Professor of Communications, Norwich University, Vermont, USA vide website: Saturday, January 15,...
i-DEALS NETWORK: Valuation of E-Com, Techstartups and Internet Companies Jakarta, 3rd April 2017

Success stories of technology startups such as Google, Alibaba, Flipkart and Amazon have not left Southeast Asia untouched. After the booming Indian startup scene,...
Indoindians - India Club Children’s Painting Competition

Indoindians - India Club Jakarta second on site painting competition on Sunday, 31st January 2016 had 27 young participants. This year’s theme was artistic...

Soft drinks or aerated drinks are addictive and are the staple drink at parties, restaurants, and many leisure occasions. But it is no a secret these...
Safety in the Water

Summer holidays mean hanging out at the beach. Water can be tempting but make sure you swim in a safe spot. Swim at a...


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