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Avocado is a superfood. It contains many vitamins such as vit C, E, K, and B-6. It also has many minerals such as riboflavin...
University Admission Plan: Prepare Ahead Tips for Success

Just yesterday you have been helping your child decide what to wear or what to eat. But suddenly you realize how time flew by...

When you are stressed, Ladies’ Night can be the ideal solution to refresh yourself. You will be able to dress up, meet your friends...
One of the biggest, easiest, and longest lasting tips for happiness

Hope you're looking good and feeling great today! This holistic sense of wellbeing overflows in to all aspects of our lives, bringing about more happiness,...

Looking good and feeling good are extremely important to supermodels. They have to maintain their weight while eating a balanced and nutritious diet. For these...

Pressing flowers is fun! Pressing flowers is an ancient art form. Botanists from both the Greek and Roman periods were known to preserve plants...

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Tropical Fruit Smoothie

Here's a great breakfast or after-workout cooler that's ready in seconds and tastes as good as one you'd get at a juice bar. Ingredients: 1 cup...
Malai Ghewar

Ingredients : 100gms Maida (white flour) 125 ml Milk 50 ml melted ghee for ghewar 2kg Ghee for frying 5gms Pistachio flakes 10 gms Vegetable oil 120 ml Water 100 gms Rabri 2gms...
12 different types of Satay

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This is probably the most popular Indonesian dish: chicken, lamb or beef chunks in skewers, grilled, and topped with peanut sauce - satay (or...
pramod kanakath

A teacher who has worked in several countries and has been teaching in Indonesia since 2005. During holidays does travel writing and photography. Some...
Chicken Apple Sweet Potato Salad

POTATO APPLE CHICKEN SALAD Ingredients: 450 gm. boiled potatoes ½ cucumber chicken finely shredded 3 tbsp. mayonnaise 1 apple 1 lemon salt and pepper to taste Directions: Cut the cucumber horizontally in thin slices. Peel...
Common Facts about Acupuncture

Nowadays, alternative medicine is making its way into mainstream medicine. One of them is acupuncture. Till recently, acupuncture led to skeptical questions, due to the...


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