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City Tour Jakarta: Explore Jakarta with Double-decker Buses

We can see that Jakarta government is continuously developing their services for tourists. Not only are the attractions are well-kept to make tourists more...
badam ki bafri

Here is a really simple microwave Badam barfi recipe. It takes all the hard work out of this traditional Indian sweet making process. Try...
5 Makeup Guides for This Year’s Holiday Season Party

Plan out your Christmas and New Year party look starting now! Combing this year’s trend to create an admirable party look for the holiday season...
Beauty Tips For Men

Don’t worry, it’s not un-manly to actually use something other than soap to cleanse and nourish your skin and hair. If you still cringe...

Namaste, Helen Keller once said ‘Walking with a friend in the dark is better than walking alone in the light.’ Our health and happiness is...
Vegetarian Resto in Bali

  In term of culinary tourism, Bali is a paradise for vegetarians and vegans. This place never seems to run out of its abundant options...

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Don't let the stresses of travel get to you! Here's how and what to pack so you'll actually enjoy that vacation' 1. Roll it up: Minimize wrinkles...

Here we are living in the vibrant city of Jakarta, capital of Indonesia one of the most diverse countries in the world. The largest...
The Famous, Funkiest Indian DJs that You Should Listen Now

Music has the incredible power to alter mood, heal the soul and transport to another place.And a DJ is the heart and soul of every...

Feeling frazzled, out of step with the world around you? Try these 3 spirit-renewing strategies and share your experience with us. Do you compare yourself...
9 #HowTo Tips to Become Insta-Famous

Instagram has become one of the most famous social media site in the world. People who have acquired millions of followers are online celebrities....

Sheela says: Nature's objective must be for life to keep flowing. Procreation and Preservation form the crux of this Dance. Different Life forms on...


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