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stretch marks

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Stretch marks are whitish-bluish streaks or stripes on the skin, usually caused by stretching of the skin from weight gain or loss, and also during pregnancy....

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Every woman is beautiful. But it doesn’t mean that we no need to take care of our beauty. Treat yourself a good beauty treatment...
7 Cool Restaurants You Must Visit in Bogor

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Bogor has been known and dubbed as the City of Rain. It is not surprising that the weather in this city is cooler than...
Jakarta Lakshmi Utsavamoorthy 8th Annual Utsavam, May 14 - 15, 2016

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SrI: The 8th Jakarta Lakshmi Utsavamoorthy Thayar Annual Utsavam will be celebrated as follows:May 14, 2016 Saturday Morning 6.15 am to 10.30 am Evening 6.30 pm to...
Running Communities in Jakarta

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Running is one of the cheapest and easiest exercise to do every day — you only courage and time. And the best thing about running...

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Sadhu Vaswani Center, Jakarta organized Yoga@beach on Saturday, 30th April, 2016. The benefits of yoga are known worldwide and the practitioners and so is the...

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good relationship

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I asked myself a question the other day. Which is the harder relationship to manage; intimate relationships or business relationships? Are all relationships essentially...

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Tasmaatsarvaprayatnena probhodhayitumeeshvareem. Brahmadvaaramukhe suptaam mudraabhyaasam saaacharet. Translation: Therefore, The goddess sleeping at the entrance of Brahma’s door should be constantly aroused with all the effort, by...

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Golf is more popular than soccer, volleyball, and tennis among children and adults. With so many potential Tigers at the tees, however, musculoskeletal injuries...
Rachna Catering - Diwali Order

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Dear friends, once again DIWALI is at the doorstep. Rachna's catering offers a variety of mouth-watering delicacies and irresistible savouries. "You got to have...
fruit and vegetables

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A few years ago a friend followed the Atkins diet with amazing results. She lost 20kg over 6 months and said that she did...
Food Map of India

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Indian food has evolved over centuries and has flourished under the many rulers that India had. Chefs vied with one another to create exotic...


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