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world food india 2017 roadshow in Jakarta on Aug 22

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The Minister of State for Food Processing Industries of India H.E. Sadhvi Niranjan Jyoti is visiting Jakarta on 22-23 August 2017 for conducting a...
7 Facts about MSG Revealed

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Monosodium Glutamate or MSG is a popular food additive that has a rather bad reputation. Rumor says that this food additive can cause various...
Speech Therapy Clinics in Jakarta

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Has your child’s teacher expressed concern on your child's speech or language skills? Or perhaps, you notice an occasional stutter while talking to your...
Tips for Travelers Going to Remote Areas in Indonesia

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There are many off-the-beaten-tracks locations in Indonesia that are really beautiful and provide experiences for any kind of travelers. These places offer endless activities...
Newly Launched Priority Train Cars offers VVIP Services to Yogyakarta and Solo

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Are you planning to travel to Solo or Yogyakarta this year? If yes, it is a good idea to try Kereta Kelas Prioritas (Priority train...
#TravelGuide: Karimunjawa Islands

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Do you plan to travel to Karimunjawa? Well, your choice couldn’t be better. Karimunjawa is indeed one of the most beautiful places in Indonesia...

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Indian Vegetarian Home/Office Delivery in Jakarta

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ONLY VEGETARIAN - New Menu is the only Pure North Indian Vegetarian Home Cooked Food with only Home/Office Delivery in Jakarta. We serve Snacks, Ala...
Easy and Fun Brain Exercises

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Exercising your brain is as much as important as exercising your body. Giving your brain “exercise” will keep it healthier. Brain exercise also helps...
Favorite Jogging Tracks around Jakarta

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With the crazy traffic, it seems impossible to jog around the town. Even the sidewalks are packed with the street peddlers and sometimes motorbikes...
Let’s add seaweed to our daily diet

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Seaweed is as the name suggests is edible algae of various species that grows in the ocean. Seaweed is very rich in nutrients, especially...
slow down and smell the roses

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Here's the paradox: Relaxation takes effort. Learning to unwind is not easy, particularly if you're the hard driving, achievement-oriented type. It takes effort-that's the paradox....

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A man's tie reflects his personality, his position in life and his personal sense of style. Take a typical investment banker, for example. A...


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