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Fasting is an act of abstaining from eating or drinking during the day. During religious occasions, fasting is used as form of prayer to celebrate that...

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For history buffs Jakarta offers a number of interesting museums that can give an insight into the past of this city as well as...

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Why don’t we all be pemangku kehidupan - carriers of life, embrace each other and our differences because that is what makes us Indonesians...

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'My mission is to share the truth. Many are searching for it, but they haven’t found it. Rather, they are just running behind material...
University Admission Plan: Prepare Ahead Tips for Success

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By: Yogita Jigar Dhabalia Most students dream of going to an university and train for a professional life. There is a big difference between just...

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Wishing you a peace and grace during the sacred month on Ramadan, The Indoindians weekly newsletter features Cookery Demo Recipes, Painting Competition Winners & More... All...

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prevent Heart Disease

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Years of research have been unable to completely explain the cause of heart disease, also called atherosclerosis or "hardening of the arteries." However, multiple...
Home Made Finger Paints

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(non-toxic and really inexpensive) Simple, simple simple. We should have figured this out for ourselves.... Keeping the consistency of finger paints in mind, combine enough flour and...

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Candles make your room decor special! They set a special mood that says home and comfort. Candles set a mood in your room that...
Longevity of Your Relationship

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The Essential Daily Requirement for The Health and Longevity of Your Relationship  "Into-me-you-see"  Without intending to stereotype the genders, as soon as I sent out a...
Buddha Purnima - From darkness to Light

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Buddha Purnima, a Buddhist festival, marks Gautama Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death. He is thought to have been born in 623 B.C, so this...
Birthday Surprise Ideas for Beloved Ones

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Our loved ones are such a gift in life. It’s important to find ways to surprise them every now and then to remind that...


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