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Rujak is a traditional fruit and vegetable dish that can be found all over Indonesia. The word means mixture or eclectic mix in colloquial Malay....
BINUS UNIVERSITY Spearheading Quality Education in Indonesia

Established in 1996, BINUS UNIVERSITY is a premier private institution of higher education offering international standard courses at both the undergraduate and postgraduate degree...
Planning to go complete vegan...still confused?

Wishing all brothers and sisters are very Happy Bhai Dooj today! The festival season has been really vibrant and fun. Join the Annakut Mahaotsav in...
insightful talks by Swami Mitrananda

Chinmaya Family Jakarta presents four days Insightful talks in English by Swami Mitrananda from 21-24 Nov, Wednesday to Saturday, 7.30-9.00 pm at the Mangala...

Kiddie Planet had a wonderful Diwali celebration. The school felt different that day due to colorful Diwali decorations spread around the school, along with...
Style 7 Indowestern saree draping

This is the last style of our saree draping style challenge. This is a modern avatar of the saree drape and perfect for University...

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Easter Bread

Many variations of this recipe are prepared in Europe. This one is adapted for bread machines. Ingredients : Makes 1 loaf 1 cup Milk, whole 2...
5 Must Try Poke Bowls in Jakarta

Poke bowls are currently having a moment, especially among foodies in Jakarta. In case you missed it, poke (pronounced ‘poh-kay’ not ‘pohk’) is a traditional...
Things You Need to Know about Ramadhan Month in Indonesia

The holy month of Ramadhan is back again. This is probably the most awaited month for Muslims in the world. Muslims will fast for a month...
Rose Sherbat

Sherbet "şerbet" is the world's first soft drink. Ottoman Turks drank sherbet before and during each meal. Sherbet is still a traditional cold drink...

Please find below a list of 9 questions with answers for Indian nationals, who might find themselves in SOS situations in Indonesia. This information...

'You make this dessert for people you really love' said Komal Pamnani of the jelly art pudding she demonstrated at the 3rd What's Up...


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