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Indoindians Vision Board Worksho

Indoindians Online Event: Vision Board Workshop

Create Your Future - Vision Board Workshop Have the courage to follow your heart and intuition. They somehow already know what you truly want to...

Indoindians Online Event: Cooking Shooking with Friends on Wed, 16th Dec

The Cooking Shooking with Friends event is an online session in which home cooks share their tried-and-true recipes that are healthy and easy to...
Banner Newsletter Christmas

Wonderful Indonesia, IndoindianShop and more…

Indoindians Weekly Newsletter Online here>> Namaste Friends, December feels different - a month for rest and relaxation. A month for reflection and anticipation. To reflect on...

20-Minute Stair Workout at Home

Items synonymous with exercising include dumbbells, kettlebells and yoga mats. But one of the underrated items to exercise with are the stairs at home!...
Indoindians Online Event Unlock Your Potential with Shareen Ratnani

Indoindians Online Event: Unlock Your Potential with Shareen Ratnani

Join Shareen Ratnani on a journey to inner leadership. An attitude of 'If it’s to BE ... it’s upto ME' The unprecedented pandemic has posed...
Upcycle Festive Mithai

#EventReport: Cooking Shooking to Upcycle Festive Mithai

Join the amazing Indoindians cooks to learn how to upcycle festive mithai. It was very interesting with many practical tips. Even the self-confessed, ardent and...

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8 Tips for a Safe Ojek Online Ride

8 Safety Tips for two wheeler ride sharing services

The everyday congested traffic in Jakarta makes an Ojek (motorcycle taxi) a great transportation option. It can go through narrow alleys and escape the...
Spicy Mango Curry by Nina Taneja

Sweet and Spicy Mango Curry Recipe by Nina Taneja

If you've never eaten a mango curry before, you have no idea what you've been missing. This simple summery stew is spicy, sweet, salty...

Fab Abs in 7 Easy Steps

Who doesn’t want to have a toned abs? Unfortunately many people give up on their way to reaching their goal just because they cannot...
Jamu: Indonesian Herbal Medicine Heritage

Jamu: Traditional Indonesian Herbal Medicine

You will often see women wearing  a kebaya and long batik skirt with a huge bamboo basket full of bottles of drink on her...

Visit Indonesia with Visa On Arrival

VISA ON ARRIVAL I. The list of 52 nationalities, which can enjoy the facility of Visa on Arrival, is as follows : South Africa United States Argentina Australia Austria Belgium Netherland Bahrain Brazil Bulgaria Cyprus Denmark Estonia United Arab...
Kachori by Vijaya Birla

What’s Up Chef Khasta Kachori Recipe by Vijaya Birla

This is a tried, tested and successful recipe for khasta Kachori shared by Vijaya Birla at the 4th What's Up Chef cooking demo and...

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