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Holi is around the corner and if you are enjoy this colorful festival playing with colors, somebody will find you and throw you into...
Uses of Aadhaar Card

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India’s unique identity scheme has enrolled almost a billion members already, having covered almost 50% of the population just a year ago. By the...

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Happiness is said to be the journey and not the destination! Here is more on this topic in this week's newsletter here >> Kudos to...

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A huge drive to issue an Aadhaar card or the Unique Identification Number (UID) is the 12-digit identity number based on biometric data to each resident of...

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India’s Aadhaar card or the Unique Identification Number (UID) is the 12-digit identity number based on biometric data issued to each resident of India by the...
India Club Holi 2018

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Holi Hai - the colorful Holi celebrations by India Club in association with Indian Embassy. With Indian music, food, water, colors and unlimited fun. Date...

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Crochet Away!

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Try your hand at this headwrap -- perfect for bad hair days or your bud's b-day. What you'll need: Small amounts of sport-weight yarn is assorted...
care your eyes

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Taking care of your eyes is actually quite simple. While visiting the eye doctor is an important and necessary step, there are many things...
Why complacency takes you backwards + the solution

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How Complacency Gets in the Way of Happiness and Success and What to Do About It Hands up if you ever got to a place where...
PBD Jakarta

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It gives me immense pleasure to be amongst you today and to have the opportunity of meeting you all. I thank you for responding...
Be Conscious of what you communicate

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Be Conscious of what you communicate by Carl Massy: Well it's an reminder really to use in this crazy little era we live in with...
2 Sugar Free Recipes to Help with Your Diet Program

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If you had to pick just one weight loss technique, get rid of sugar. White sugar is the biggest cause of weight gain in...


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