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Indoindians Online Business Directory

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Namaste Mitron, It was indeed wonderful to meet all the special people - Indoindians Ambassadors, who stepped up to contribute to the community yesterday. Watch...
1st Indoindians Ambassadors coffee morning

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Indoindians Ambassadors coffee morning was a big success with enthusiastic participation.  Everyone introduced themselves and their interests, skills and talents. They shared experiences of...
69 Republic Day Flag Hoisting 2018

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The Embassy of India cordially invites all Indian Nationals and Persons of Indian Origin to a Flag Hoisting Ceremony, to mark the 69th Republic...
World Hindi Divas Jakarta

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Embassy of India, Jakarta invites you to commemorate & celebrate WORLD HINDI DAY 2018 On: Saturday, January 20 , 2018 From: 4 to 6 pm evening At: Beacon Academy Auditorium, Jl Pegangsaan...
the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2018

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About the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival 2018 Described as the ‘greatest literary show on Earth’ and the ‘Kumbh of literature’, the ZEE Jaipur Literature Festival is...

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Do you always feel tired and find that you have no time to rest? Relaxation after a busy day is a real challenge for...

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Breathing Exercises

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DEEP ABDOMINAL BREATHING A) Lie on your back with your hand on your stomach, between your navel and the bottom of your breastbone. B) Inhale through...

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When you are brand new to Jakarta, finding the right staff to help with household duties is a very important concern. What you should...
Ras Malai

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Cottage cheese balls soaked in flavored milk Ingredients : 250 gms. Paneer/Chhena 2 liters milk 1 kg sugar 4 tbsp. Flour 10 strands saffron 1/4 cup sliced pistachios 1/4 cup sliced...
The Story of Sage and a Mouse

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Long ago, in a hermitage, there lived a great sage. One day as he sat down to have his lunch, a mouse fell from...

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Ask many managers this question and you will receive a very blunt YES! It is a tool that can be misused, however if used...

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About Napkins Today, discriminating hosts and hostesses have a wide variety of napkin products from which to select. For formal dining, there is the cloth...


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