Benefits of Doing Extreme Sports

Benefits of Doing Extreme Sports

If you find activities like jumping off cliffs, rafting, climbing, or scaling vertical rock faces very thrilling to you, then you are lucky. Your...
Jakarta Cricket youth coaching 2020

SEASON 10: Jakarta Junior Cricket Program @AIS starts 9th Feb 2020

Season 10 The 3SIXTY Cricket Academy is pleased to announce the tenth season of the youth cricket coaching programs on Sundays at the Australian Independent...
Join a Martial arts School in Indonesia

Join a Martial Arts School in Indonesia

“The martial arts are ultimately self-knowledge. A punch or a kick is not to knock the hell out of the guy in the front,...

6 Scuba Diving Courses in Bali

When in Bali, scuba diving is one of the most fun things that you do. With pristine waters and beautiful underwater life, scuba diving...

List of Diving Schools in Jakarta

Diving is a great activity if you are travelling to Indonesia. Indonesia has ample destinations for diving. Raja Ampat, Bunaken and Kakaban are just...

7 Best Jogging Tracks in Jakarta

Jogging may seem like an impossible task in the midst of the hustle and bustle of Jakarta. But do not fret! Your gym is not...

Let’s Dance! 5 Dance Schools in Jakarta

Do you often find yourself unconsciously moving or tapping your feet when listening to good, groovy music on your earphones? Maybe you should try to...

9 Unique Yoga Trends of 2019

Yoga has been experiencing a modern resurgence, in which it has been incorporated into many morning routines to help with the pressures of modern...

Top 3 Qigong Masters in Indonesia

Qigong or chikung is a form of gentle exercise meant to increase the flow of liquid in the body by continuous stretching and deep...

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