#WorkFromHome: Video Conferencing Etiquette

Because of the coronavirus, many are expected to #workfromhome. The only way that this could work is when conference call is enabled. It can...

#Event Report: Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Lalit and Shalini Matai

Indoindians joined hands in collaboration with Ananta to host Indoindians’ first ever Ask Me Anything (AMA) with coach/facilitators Lalit and Shalini Matai. During this...

S. M. A. R. T. Goal-Setting: What it is, Questions to...

It is impossible to NOT set goals. In each area of your life, there is a goal that you wish to achieve in work,...

#Howto: 9 Ways to Manage Your Time in 2020

Time management is one of the most needed skills of the 21st century. At the time when everyone has so many goals to achieve,...

Feeling Tired At Work? Recharge by ‘Power Napping’!

When you are feeling tired and exhausted during the middle of the day, a power nap is something that could refresh you in a...

Design Bucket: You Name it, We Make It

Tanisha Kishnani and Veerti Nathani, both Digital Media Design graduates from LaSalle College International Jakarta and achieved Diploma in Digital Media Design. In the meantime, Virta...

#HowTo 7 Ways to Effectively Handle Criticism

Criticism is around the corner, wherever you go. Not only strangers, but even your loved ones will not hesitate to criticize you in dire...

8 Side Jobs for Full-Time Employees

Many people tend to prioritize their 9-5 jobs because it gives them the satisfaction and fulfillment that they seek. However, part time jobs may...

6 Steps to Return to Work After a Long Break

There are many reasons to take a long break from work. The problem is - a long break can slow down your pace when...

7 Tips to Work Smarter During Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy time for the Muslims fraternity. It is also the time for fasting and prayer, which may lead to lack of productivity...
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