Marvin Suwarso - Business and Executive Coach

Marvin Suwarso, Business and Executive Coach

Whether you’re a first-time entrepreneur, a small business owner, or a corporate professional, you’d probably agree that sometimes, you need a little help. Other...

#HowTo 7 Tips to Manage your Calendar Effectively

For busy professionals, managing a calendar is extremely important. A calendar helps manage full schedules into manageable tasks, leading to productivity. It can also...

8 Tips to Beat the Monday Blues

The Monday Blues may seem like a phrase created by people who aren’t keen to approach weekdays after having a fun weekend, but it...

7 Steps to Tackling your Bad Habits

There is always something that we want in our lives; whether it is to become more extroverted, mentally healthier, lose weight, spontaneous or productive....

7 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Remote Work

It has only been in this pandemic era that work-life has drastically changed. From the previously offline work has transformed its nature to become...

4 Tips to Surviving a Post-COVID-19 Workspace

Earlier work-life without internet or technology would have been manageable. But in the recent months of pandemic threat, work-life would not have survived without...

#WorkFromHome: Video Conferencing Etiquette

Because of the coronavirus, many are expected to #workfromhome. The only way that this could work is when conference call is enabled. It can...

#Event Report: Ask Me Anything (AMA) with Lalit and Shalini Matai

Indoindians joined hands in collaboration with Ananta to host Indoindians’ first ever Ask Me Anything (AMA) with coach/facilitators Lalit and Shalini Matai. During this...

S. M. A. R. T. Goal-Setting: What it is, Questions to...

It is impossible to NOT set goals. In each area of your life, there is a goal that you wish to achieve in work,...

#Howto: 12 Ways to Manage Your Time in 2020

Time management is one of the most needed skills of the 21st century. At the time when everyone has so many goals to achieve,...

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