How to Take Time off Work

Thinking of taking some time off? You're not alone. Even the most career-driven is likely to take a break from their job. Plenty have benefited...
7 Body Languages that Make You Instantly Likeable

How to Make Yourself Instantly Likeable

We all speak one common language - body language! Sending signals all day—not only through words but also through our body language. The way we move...

4 Tips to Surviving a Post-COVID-19 Workspace

Earlier work-life without internet or technology would have been manageable. But in the recent months of pandemic threat, work-life would not have survived without...

#Howto: 12 Ways to Manage Your Time in 2020

Time management is one of the most needed skills of the 21st century. At the time when everyone has so many goals to achieve,...

7 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Remote Work

It has only been in this pandemic era that work-life has drastically changed. From the previously offline work has transformed its nature to become...

12 Tips for Your New Workplace

By Pri Notowidigdo HOW quickly do you adjust to new job situations? How well do you gel along with new co-workers? These are questions that...
Marvin Suwarso The world's first Mentor Coach of Engage & Grow

Marvin Suwarso: The world’s first Mentor Coach of Engage & Grow

Marvin Suwarso is the world's first Mentor Coach of Engage & Grow, a program that offers a powerful formula to activate employees and teams...

S. M. A. R. T. Goal-Setting: What it is, Questions to...

It is impossible to NOT set goals. In each area of your life, there is a goal that you wish to achieve in work,...

The Ten Commandments of Employment Negotiations

Taking into consideration those things that make employment negotiations unique, together with generally applicable negotiating principles, I have developed a set of basic principles...

3 simple rules to be happy at work!

Is it your workplace that makes you happy, or is being happy at work an attitude you bring to any employment ? 1. Make only...

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