6 Ways to Bring More Gratitude Into Our Life

Wherever we are in life, it is crucial that we show gratitude to the blessings we have. It may not be easy, but being...
Shanthi Seshadri Coffee Painting

#EventReport: Painting with Coffee Art Class with Shanthi Seshadri

Painting with coffee is similar to watercolor but there is something uniquely different. Coffee painting is an extremely simple and enjoyable art of expressing your...

7 Steps to Prepare Your Home for Remote Work

It has only been in this pandemic era that work-life has drastically changed. From the previously offline work has transformed its nature to become...

8 Restaurants & Cafes in Jakarta that Deliver 24×7

At times when the coronavirus is still at large, you will worry about the food you eat. Decrease your worry by eating at restaurants...
One Pot Sambhar Recipe by Vasanthi Ram

Quick One Pot Sambhar recipe by Vasanthi Ram

Quick One Pot Sambhar by Vasanthi Ram  Ingredients Peel and half shallots  - one handful. Wash and soak 1 cup of Toor daal for 15...
Intermittent Fasting Does it really work

#EventReport: What is Intermittent Fasting & Does it Work?

What Is Intermittent Fasting and Does It Really Work?  Intermittent fasting (IF) is currently one of the world’s most popular health and fitness trends. People...

4 Tips to Surviving a Post-COVID-19 Workspace

Earlier work-life without internet or technology would have been manageable. But in the recent months of pandemic threat, work-life would not have survived without...

7 Vegan Comfort Food Recipes You Need to Try!

Comfort is classic, comforting and sentimental. It definitely brings up feelings of sentiment and nostalgia when you eat it, for it's both delicious and...
Bakealong for Fathers Day with Kavita Kapoor

#EventReport: Father’s Day Cake Bake Along with Kavita Kapoor

Indoindians Online Event Father's Day Cake Bake Along Class with Kavita Kapoor. This was a super duper success with over 35 participants were guided online...
VASISTHASANA - dedicated to sage Vasistha

#IndoindiansYogaChallenge Day 7: VASISTHASANA – dedicated to sage Vasistha

Day 7 #IndoindiansYogaChallenge: VASISTHASANA - dedicated to sage Vasistha This is the last day of the challenge. Thank you all for being with us on...