A Perfect 1 Day Tourist Itinerary for Exploring the Historical Heart of Jakarta – Kota Tua


If you’re looking for a glimpse into Jakarta’s rich history, a visit to Kota Tua (Old Town) is a must. This area in the heart of Jakarta is home to numerous landmarks and museums that give insight into the city’s past. Here’s a suggested itinerary for a 1 day trip to Jakarta Kota Tua:

9:00 AM

Jakarta One-day Itinerary– Start the day at the Fatahillah Square, the center of Kota Tua. Take in the grandeur of the square’s colonial buildings, including the Jakarta History Museum and the Wayang Museum.

10:00 AM

All about Museum Fatahillah– Explore the Jakarta History Museum, housed in the former city hall of Batavia (the colonial name for Jakarta). The museum showcases the city’s history from prehistoric times to the present day. You can also see the original cannons used to defend the city against pirates.

11:00 AM

museum-wayang-kota-tua-jakarta– Visit the Wayang Museum to learn about the traditional Indonesian art of shadow puppetry. The museum has an extensive collection of puppets from various regions of Indonesia.

12:00 PM

Feeling Nostalgic? 5 Legendary Eateries to Try in Jakarta– Take a break for lunch at Cafe Batavia, a popular restaurant housed in a historic building. The restaurant serves Indonesian and international cuisine.

1:00 PM

6 Virtual Tours of Indonesia: Museum Bank Mandiri– Visit the Bank Mandiri Museum, the former headquarters of the Netherlands Trading Society. The museum showcases the history of banking in Indonesia.

2:00 PM

Things You Need to Know about Museum Bank Indonesia– Head to the Museum Bank Indonesia, which is housed in a beautiful Art Deco building. The museum has an extensive collection of currency and coins used in Indonesia over the centuries.

3:00 PM

Museum-Cafe-inside-the-Museum-Bank-Indonesia-Kota-Tua– Take a break at the Museum Cafe, located inside the Museum Bank Indonesia. The cafe serves coffee and snacks.

4:00 PM

– End the day with a visit to the Sunda Kelapa Harbor, which was once a bustling port for the spice trade. You can see traditional Bugis schooners docked at the harbor.

5:00 PM

– Head back to your hotel or explore other parts of Jakarta.