Beginning Yoga? Here are some tips

Happiness is Yoga

Yoga practice can do more than just regular stretching. Yoga needs regular training and practice to reach peak effectiveness and expertise. Beginners may be struggle at times, but there are many ways to make the journey much easier.

Here are some tips for beginners who want to start practicing Yoga:

Wear comfortable clothes

Before starting, it’s better to make sure that you have the right equipment. Comfortable loose clothes and a yoga mat are just some of the things that you need to prepare before regularly attending the sessions. In that way, you will be able to follow through the training comfortably.

Set your intentions and goals

Beginners should also be aware of which level they intend to be so as not to have false expectations. In this way, they would also have much more awareness of the time they should put in practice and how far they should go.

Get a good yoga teacher

Other than getting the correct equipment and mindset, a good yoga teacher will do you great favors in your personal development towards being a fulfilled yogi. A teacher will teach the correct postures while also understanding your limits rather than just books, videos and apps that will not be aware of the feedback. Just in case, it’s highly possible that beginners can pull a muscle in an effort to reach their goals.

Start with basic postures

In pursuit of your goals, you may be looking at such high expectations of what you could achieve that you may not realize how far the distance is. Which is why it’s very important to start with baby steps before going on the next posture. Make sure you master the basics before attempting highly difficult poses that can become dangerous to you.

Give yourself time to relax

As determined as you are in reaching your goals, continuously chasing for it might result negatively in your progress. Stress, fatigue and negative emotions are not good for your body. Just give your body some time and enjoy the process. The results will come by time, don’t force it!

Don’t compare yourself with others

There will always be someone who is more flexible, more stronger or more athletic than you are. Competing may not serve you at the least as you might even hurt yourself. Just make the effort to reach your personal goals and make yourself happy first. Appreciate the improvements that you have made to your body from your starting point to where you are now.

Practice frequently

The required stretching expertise will not occur with missed practice sessions. To continuously build on your strength and flexibility, practice and patience is needed. You can set some free time during the day specifically for your yoga sessions and practice during that time. We guarantee that with time, your hard work will be reflected on your yoga skills!

Advanced yoga takes years of training, practice and effort. It’s best not to overwhelm your body during the first few tries, although you can definitely aim for that. Follow our tips and be consistent with your practice-you will be able to routinely practice yoga without difficulty and without the risks of injury.

How does yoga make you feel? Share your answer in the comments section!