#DoubleMasking: What it is, Benefits and More!

There are three rules of protection you need to practice during this pandemic. That includes social distancing, wearing a mask and washing your hands....

Better Safe than Sorry: 11 Simple Strategies to Be Prepared for...

The world has been in the grip of Covid-19 since the beginning of last year. As Covid rages again in a second deadly wave,...
Indoindians Online Event All About COVID Management with Dr. Bobby Singh, Pulmonologist

Indoindians Online Event: All About COVID Management with Dr. Bobby Singh,...

COVID-19 has had an impact on almost all aspects of life. There is so much information, mis-information, news, rumors and advice floating around. Join Dr...

How Your Bath Can Be a Stressbuster?

If ever there was a ritual to be cherished, it's taking a long and relaxing bath. Just thinking about it is a real spirit-lifter....

#MentalHealthAwarenessMonth: How to Adapt After Pandemic Stress and Trauma

The pandemic has been particularly bad for us at many levels. Our movements are monitored, we are to limit the time we go outside,...

List of Foods With Healthy Fats to Keep You Full

Fats have a bad reputation. It is linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke and weight gain. But not all fats are bad. In fact, there...

#HealthTip: 6 Reasons Why Vitamin C is important for Women

These days, women hold themselves to high expectations with multiple roles on both their personal and professional fronts. With these high expectations, physical health...

11 Health Benefits of Oolong Tea

Tea is said to be the healthiest drink in the world. Those who love tea shall rejoice, and those who don’t drink tea shall...

All You Need to Know About Acai Bowls

These days, there are numerous trends for superfoods from eggs, nuts to seeds. Another trend has been rising, which is the superfood acai. It...

Know these 7 Myths on Metabolism

Metabolism is the process in which the body burns calories and converts it into energy that is distributed throughout the whole body. Interestingly, metabolism...

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