6 Brain Healthy Activities For Children

6 Brain Healthy Activities For Children

Children at their youth are still in their golden years, the age where they are growing and changing. During this crucial time in their lives, parents and guardians should be very careful in taking advantage of this growth so children will grow up healthy. This includes changes in their cognitive skills. Luckily there has been many research on this, making it possible for children to have a healthy brain right from the beginning.

Here are the activities your children can do to keep their minds sharp:

Solve puzzles

One of the things that children or even adults can do is to solve challenging puzzles. Research has even shown that solving puzzles can improve dopamine levels in the brain. But these brain challenges can also be tailored specifically based on your children’s age and ability. Not only that, but choose puzzles that your child will enjoy, making them more excited to do the challenge.

Give them brainteasers

Other than puzzles, another brain challenge that your child could do is brainteasers. According to research, solving teasers and twisters could sharpen thinking powers and improves memory. As these are more challenging than puzzles, you can accompany them while doing it. Who knows? It can be a fun bonding session for the whole family while also keeping their brains healthy.

Practice mathematics

A school subject that can improve your child’s cognitive skill is maths. It may not be everybody’s favorite subject, but it clearly provides health benefits for your child. Mathematics questions from sums, subtractions to multiplications and divisions is said to help with problem-solving and deduction.

Start yoga

It’s pretty clear that exercise can benefit adults to a large degree from mental health to being able to maintain physically fit. One of these exercises that can bring many benefits is yoga. Even though they are still children, simple yoga poses will make them physically active. This, in turn promotes oxygen flow, which supports healthy brain development.

Learn a new language

Want to know the secret to making your children brighter? Then hire a language teacher or teach them a new language yourself. Bilingual children have been proven by scientifically to be smarter than those who only study one language.

Get their creative juices flowing

Activities that we mentioned in this article can be difficult to practice with your child if it is too challenging or your child is simply not interested in it. But fret not, we have another trick up our sleeves. One of the things you can do is to get their creative juices flowing. Art is a rally good way to keep children’s minds young and evolving. Art is fun for all children, and helps them become more imaginative and more cognitive with what they do.

Have your child practiced any of these tips? Tell us in the comments section below!