Happiness is Yoga


Happiness is Yoga

By Rutu Trivedi Panjwani: As International Yoga day is approaching on 21st  of June what can be a better occasion to talk about yoga and its benefits. Yoga is much much beyond just an exercise. Yoga is the ultimate expression. I can keep writing and talking about yoga endlessly but currently lets keep this subject limited to the benefits of various asanas and pranayama.

When we say Yoga, people think of it as impossible postures and all kinds of twisting and turning of the body. This is not what we refer to  as Yoga. Yoga is derived from the sanskrit word ‘’Yog’’ which means Union. Union of mind, body and soul. To simplify this, yoga means fine tuning  your body i.e everything is in harmony. Yoga is not only confined to spiritual levels. Yoga is a completely scientific approach to balance your mind and body and uplifting yourself to a different level of relaxation and bliss.

Though the Yogis bifurgated Yoga into 8 major dimentions, but today we will talk of only 2 amongst it i.e: Asanas and Pranayama. What seperates the asanas from any other form of exercise is the breathing and holding attached to every particluar posture and thus yoga cannot be learnt by books. It should be learnt with a yoga teacher with all the possible instructions and do and don’ts.

I know we take resolutions on every 1st of January for the rest of the year or may be the entire life but for those who still have unfullfilled resolutions, it is time to make another half yearly resolution i.e on 21st June, which  embarks beginning of the remaining half year and also celebrates the International Day of Yoga. So on this International Yoga day, lets take a resolution to inclucate yoga as a part of our lifestyle.

So here I have some of the benefits of Asanas and Pranayama:
1.    Reduces stress and makes your body rejuvinated:
Few postures in yoga like the Child pose (Balasana), Triangle pose (Trikon Asana), legs to the wall (Viprit Karni), Savasana (Corpose pose) and many more postures helps in relaxing your mind and body and releasing stress.

Apart from asanas, pranayama like Nadi shudhi, Anulom vilom, etc brings instant peace  to the mind and the body. Further it helps in increasing concentration, memory and stability.

2.    Helps solving digestion problem:
Today when we have the world cusines just a phone call away and a variety of food joints what makes us loose control over our tounge, the only option left is to strenghten our digestive system. And no better option then Pavanamuktasana (Wind – Reliving pose), Setu Bandhasana (Bridge Pose), the spine twist pose, Paschimmottasana (Seated forward bend pose), etc., etc. Apart from this postures, sitting in Vajrasana post your meals for 10-15 meals also helps thedigestion process.

Pranayama beneficial for digestion are Kapalbhati and Bhastrika. They strenghten the stomach muscles and fine tune the digestive juices.

3.    Best anti-aging:
Few asanas like Gaumukhasana (Cow face pose), Sirsasana (Foot behind the head pose), Mayurasana (Peacock Pose), etc etc. will give break to your ageing process adding charm and glow on your face.

Nadi shodhan Pranayama and meditation also slows down your aging process.

4.    Brings mental stability and increases your decision making power:
The Balancing asanas like Natrajasana (The dancers Pose), Garudasana (Eagle Pose), Half moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana), Planks, Warrior Pose,  Vrkasana (tree Pose) and many more helps in stabilizing your mind and makes you focused.

5.    Helps to keep your weight under control:
Yoga not only reduces your weight but also tones and structures your body. It is not only for those who wants to lose weight but also for those who wish to gain weight. It brings your weight in perfect equilibrum i.e the exact weight that is desirable for you.

Yoga takes you a  level-up both mentally and physically. Regular practice of yoga will give you such benefits that are beyond your imagination and expectaion. And as our Holy Bhagwat Gita as says, ‘’Yoga is the journey of the Self, through the Self, to the Self’’.

Happiness is Yoga