4 Foods and Beverages to Avoid For a Sharper Mind

4 Foods and Beverages to Avoid For a Sharper Mind

Being forgetful is a label that many people identify with. We can forget our car keys, if we have locked the front gates of our home or even if you have eaten or not. We may think that our memory is to blame for out forgetfulness, but in truth our nutrition is also responsible for how our brains work. Therefore, you need to be aware of the foods you need to avoid for a sharp memory.

Avoid these foods for a sharp memory:

Soft Drinks

Before you mention the age factor for your forgetfulness, it may not be the only thing that affects your brain power. Yet the first thing you need to avoid is packaged, soft drinks. High fructose corn syrup found in that (sweetened cool drinks) is especially harmful as it causes brain inflammation, impairing memory and learning.

Junk Food

Other than sweetened soft drinks, eating packaged junk food that contains high amount of trans fat can impair memory. Studies have found that when people consume higher amounts of trans fats, they have an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, lower brain volume as well as cognitive decline. Even diet soda that is often included in the meal contains elements that is said to impair our memory.

Instant Noodles

Instant noodles is a beloved meal all around. It is easy to make yet still delicious to the taste. But in the long term, instant noodles are bad for the body especially the brain. As it is still considered to be one kind of junk food, it negatively affects the brain by reducing the production of the molecule Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor. This molecule that is imperative for long memory, learning as well as new neurons.


As been said before on Indoindians.com, excessive alcohol consumption negatively effects the body. The mind is also affected and not immune to the negative effects of alcohol. Whether it is chronic alcohol abuse or social binge drinking, it decreases our levels of Vitamin B1, which leads to a reduction in brain volume, destruction of neurotransmitters and in general, loss of memory.

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