Pain Management with Ayurveda

Pain Management with Ayurveda

Do you find it hard to stay active due to joint discomfort? Or are you in search of holistic Ayurveda for back pain?

At Ayurvedagram Bali, we understand your pain and offer personalized treatments rooted in Ayurvedic principles for an authentic Ayurveda experience. Whether you are suffering from back pain, degenerative arthritis (osteoporosis) or rheumatic arthritis – Ayurvedagram Bali can help holistically manage your pain.

Our programs aim to rejuvenate your tissues and promote overall well-being. Located in a tranquil, natural setting, Ayurvedagram Bali provides a peaceful escape from the stresses of daily life, allowing you to focus on your health.

includes a range of Ayurvedic Therapies, including oil massage, fomentation therapy, Vasthi or medicated enema, lepas or herbal pastes, personalized dietary and lifestyle plans to tackle your joint woes. These Ayurveda for pain relief therapies have been used for centuries to improve join health and mobility.

Our Pain Management Program




At Ayurvedagram Bali we tailor health goals to suite everyone. Our expert panel of Physicians addresses the health concerns and expectations of the program and plans for the necessary changes. Our program addresses the root concerns, discover the essence, and holistically approaches the health condition to promote overall wellbeing. This program is led by Qualified Ayurvedic practitioners to ensure safe and successful treatments to improve joint health.

Dr Natasha Ayurveda Gram Bali
Dr Natasha at AyurvedaGram Bali

Experience a cosy retreat at our 25 room resort amidst
14 000 square meters of beautiful greenery. Choose from a selection of beautifully decorated deluxe rooms. We offer a fully pledged Ayurvedic Herb Centre, a Yogashala and a Therapy Centre to ensure your wellness journey.

Ayurvedagram Bali
Ayurvedagram Bali

We are at
Jl. Raya Kendaran No. 1 Banjar Kepitu Desa Kendran Kecamatan Tegallalang, Ubud,
Kecamatan Ubud, Bali 80561, Indonesia