Buying Property in Indonesia

Bali is still regarded as the most attractive destination to investing in property in Indonesia although other regions such as Bintan, Lombok or Flores...

Culture – Like an Iceberg

Culture is rather like an iceberg; you can see a little of it, in the same way that you can see how we behave...

Indoindians #HealthTalk: Breast Cancer Awareness

Indoindians collaborated with Siloam MRCCC Hospital for the 'Breast Cancer Awareness'  Health Talk. Eminent oncologists dr. Samuel Haryono SpB(K)Onk & dr. Denny Handoyo, SpRad.Onk...
6 Weird and Eerie Indonesian Traditions

6 Weird and Wonderful Indonesian Traditions

The culture in Indonesia really has it all: the beauty, the uniqueness, and the weird. As the nation develops with modernization, there are many tribes...

5 Unique Restaurants in Jakarta

A good friend of mine once asked me: “Tell me what I can’t find in Jakarta.” Well, at that time I couldn’t answer because in...
7 Indonesian Traditional Dishes You Only Can Find in Ramadhan

Indonesian Traditional Dishes Found Only During Ramadhan

One of the most interesting things about Ramadhan is that there are some foods that are available only during this fasting month. Almost every...

Feeling hungry for sweet & savory snacks? Here are the 10...

Other than rice, cassava is another ingredient that is widely used to make food in Indonesia. It’s neutral taste also allows it to be...
Indoindians Extraordinary Woman Awardee for Social Impact Dr Nivedita Shetty

Indoindians Extraordinary Woman Awardee for Social Impact: Dr Nivedita Shetty

Indoindians Extraordinary Woman Awardee for Social Impact: Dr Nivedita Shetty As a doctor and surgeon, Dr. Nivedita Shetty has used her knowledge and skills for...
Homemade Orange Peel and Mint Facial Toner by Geeta Seth

Homemade Orange Peel Facial Toner & Mist by Geeta Seth

Here is a simple yet effective facial toner and face mist by nutritionist Geeta Seth, that can be made at home, using natural ingredients. Ingredients: ...

List of Museums and Galleries in Jakarta

For history buffs Jakarta offers a number of interesting museums that can give an insight into the past of this city as well as...

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