Being Sensitive to the Local Culture and Mannerisms

Being Sensitive to the Local Culture and Mannerisms in Indonesia

As an expat family moving to a new country, cultural understanding is very important. It may seem trivial, thinking that you can understand the...
The Magical Keris

The Magical Keris

Not merely an accessory that is worn by the Javanese groom, Keris or Kris is the most famous pusaka (heirloom) for Javanese people. A keris...

6 Lunar New Year Festival Celebrations Across Indonesia

Are you curious to know how Lunar New Year is celebrated across Indonesia? Chinese-Indonesian citizens constitute 3% of the total population and yet preserve...
Wayang Batara Guru

Wayang – The Art Of Indonesian Shadow Puppets

Wayang or shadow puppets are inseparable from Indonesian culture. The process of making Wayang and the subsequent performance includes acting, singing, music, speech, literary, painting,...

How to travel around Indonesia on a budget

Travelling is one of the activities that is proven to lower stress levels. Travelling around Indonesia is amazing with so many different natural biomes....
Indoindians Bazaar Banner 2019

Announcement: Indoindians Bazaar on 11th Oct 2019 at Hotel Ritz...

0 presents our very 1st Lifestyle / Bazaar event in Jakarta Indoindians Bazaar on Friday, 11th Oct at Grand Mutiara Ballroom, Hotel Ritz Carlton, Mega Kuningan,...

#EventReport: Indoindians Exclusive Styling Workshop with Aditi Srivastava

Indoindians Exclusive Styling Workshop was attended by enthusiastic group of many amazing and dynamic women. Style is about utilizing the best aspects of you for...
#WhereToShop: Secondhand Stuffs at Jakarta

#WhereToShop: Secondhand & Vintage in Jakarta

One man's trash is another man's treasure - be it clothes, furniture, books or more. Some people even prefer to wear or use secondhand...

8 Recommended Online Housekeeping Services in Jakarta

With all the time spent at the office and crazy traffic jams, there is little time left in the day to clean up the...

#Whereto: 6 Most Scary & Haunted Locations in Jakarta

Jakarta is many things. It is the city that doesn’t sleep, the city of opportunities and a meeting point of different cultures. With history from...
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