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Living in Indonesia Indoindians.com – With a reach of over 100,000 active users every month, Indoindians is the only online information hub for Indians in Indonesia. Started in 2000, the website along with its social media channels and newsletter is a dynamic force in the community we serve.

Sundeep Kochar, internationally renowned celebrity Astrologer

Online Consultation with Dr. Sundeep Kochar, Astrologer & Vaastu

Meet Dr. Sundeep Kochar, internationally renowned celebrity Astrologer, Vaastu Consultant, Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, Actor, Anchor & Author; He has touched the lives of...
Indoindians Artworks For Sale

12 Spotlight Artists’ Art Gallery

12 Indoindians Artists in Jakarta have been featured. Learn about each artist, watch their interview and view their artworks. You can even buy their...
Simran Nanwani Creating Healthier Lives.

Simran Nanwani: Practicing and sharing holistic health

It was very refreshing to meet Simran Nanwani, a registered nutritionist. She graduated with an honors degree in Nutrition from the University of Leeds....
Amrit Lakhiani an entrepreneur with a green thumb

Amrit Lakhiani – An Entrepreneur with a Green Thumb

Meet Amrit Lakhiani, a young serial entrepreneur with ventures in finance, real estate and now hydroponic farming. Amrit earned his Bachelor Degree in Finance...
Indoindians Diwali Bazaar

Diwali Bazaar: Special Products & Services by #IndiansInIndonesia

Here is a listing of local Diwali products and services in Jakarta, submitted to Indoindians. If you are a provider and want to have your...
Ananya Balaji - young bharatnatyam dancer Jakarta

Ananya Balaji: Debut of a Bharatnatyam Disciple

Ananya Balaji is a long term Indonesia resident and currently a 11th grader. She is also a dance disciple of Smt Janaki Raj Shrikanth, Prarthna...
Indoindians Coffee Morning

Indoindians Coffee Morning: The Power of Words on Body, Mind and...

Come join the Indoindians Coffee Morning for a fun morning of learning and networking. Topic: The Power of Words on the Body, Mind and Wealth Date...

Mital Makrand: Empowering marginalized people through community radio

Sharifa Shedat is a 25-year-old woman from the small village of Bhimsar in the state of Gujarat, India. She dropped out of school when...