Here is a listing of local Diwali products and services in Jakarta, submitted to Indoindians.

Poonam Adnani

Offers various Diwali gifts. Grab them fast!

For order information, please email [email protected] or call +62 816923892

Sunita Lakhotia

Offers exclusive Rangolies, Diyas, Torans, LEDs, Floating Diyas, Shubh Labhs, Ganesha and many other Diwali gifts at attractive prices.

To order, please email [email protected] or call +62 8111717415

Kanchan Grover



Spiceneasy, imported from NEW ZEALAND:

1. Thai, chipotle, cajun, herb & garlic, morrocan mint, steak, braai rubs: 100% vegeterian used for marinating, cooking, grilling, and baking. Enjoy a low cal meal!

2. Spiceneasy Manuka Honey with Ceylon Cinnamon:
100% raw honey mixed with Ceylon Cinnamon from Sri Lanka to increase health benefits and loose weight.

3. Kwik Curry mix: 100% vegeterian, one pan dish and no chopping required. Easy and yummy food ready in minutes.

4. 100% herbal organic Radico hair colour: for sensitive skin. Get in 2 colours: soft black and dark brown

5. Onuku premium Manuka Honey with an API track system available: umf 5+ 500 grams , umf 10 + 250 grams, umf 10 + 500 grams, umf 15 + 250 grams and umf 20 + 250 grams and 1st time in the world umf 25+ 250 grams

6. Pasta mix in different international cuisine flavours: Cerole, Asia, Meditterrean, Africa, Morrocco, Mexico

7. Chia pieces in two different flavours passion fruit & black currant. Quilt free snack with real fruit juice extracted and mixed with chia seeds.

8. Ceylon Cinnamon quills & Ceylon Cinnamon ground the purest form of cinnamon from Sri Lanka. Checked and packed from New Zealand.

9. Local wooden spoons are also available for honey.


For futher info about products and prices, please contact :
Phone number: +62 8159989111
Email: [email protected]
Instagram: organicpureandnatural
FB: organic, pure and natural

Shweta Aggarwal

Offers handmade chocolate boxes, shagun envelopes and boxes

For order information, please email [email protected] or call +62 85717340974

Poonam Anand

2 Cups Sugar.. has been in the food business for over 17 years.
Accomplished an internship at the Four Seasons Hotel, Singapore, we ventured into the food business because its what we know best! We do a whole range of desserts from cakes to pastries, baklava.

As a tribute to our Indian heritage, we also have a whole range of Mithai; Mango Paneer Sandesh, Gulab Jamuns, Kaju Katli, Apple Barfi, Gajjar Halwa, Baklava, Chevda with Cashews and Dhokla with Coconut Chutney to name some of them. For those who want to get away from the traditional Indian sweets, we do eggless and gluten free cakes too!

We would be happy to make you a food hamper that fits your budget. Give us a call at +62 8111635507 (Veena) or +62 811931219 (Poonam).

Please email [email protected] for more information.

Reenu Melwani

Unstitched fabrics, ready to wear kurtas, varities of diyas, pooja samaghri. Tailoring for ladies and gents which are our main business for the past 17 years.

For order please email [email protected] or call +62 811976337.

Khushi Ailani


No Celebration is complete without a touch of sweet. Desserts are the highlight of every Indian festival. With this, Art by Khushi is excited to announce Our Diwali Special Sweet Treats for our customers starting from IDR 90.000.

Get in touch with us for Details & Orders – Limited slots available
*Art by Khushi*
Whatsapp: +62 85921288686 
Instagram: thesweetroom_jkt

Duri Kishin Pursani

50 % off all Items on Home Decors only, 40 % off on all Idols and 25 % off on candles and Diyas.

Please email [email protected] or call at +62 8161994047 for order.

Rina Walia

Diwali Kherchi envelopes with beautiful prints and good quality.

Please contact Rina Walia +62 81807093636 for order.

Padmini (Betel Delight Indonesia)

Betel Delight brings you the perfect platter of Paan. Place your Diwali special order today for only Rp6K/piece, with a minimum order of 25 pieces. Free delivery (Jakarta only) for orders of 100 pieces or more.

For orders and inquiries, please contact +62 87885559999 or drop a DM on Instagram @beteldelight_indonesia.


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