Destination Cirebon


Located on the border of West and Central Java, Cirebon is home to combination of both cultures. You would almost always pass this city every time you want to go to West Java or Jakarta from Central Java. Cirebon is also famous for its seafood, especially shrimps.

When you’re in this beautiful city, don’t forget to visit these popular tourist attractions in Cirebon:

  1. Keraton Kasepuhan

    Keraton Kasepuhan is the oldest keraton (sultan’s palace) in Cirebon. It was built in 1447 and its architecture and interior are a unique blend of Sundanese, Javanese, Islamic, Chinese, and Dutch styles. One of the unusual features in the complex is plaster and masonry columns feature a decoration that resembles reeding. The palace also has a somewhat neglected small museum with as restricted display of wayang, keris, cannon, furniture, Portuguese armor, and ancient royal clothes.
  2. Taman Ade Irma Suryani Nasution
    taman ade irma suryani nasution cirebon

    This is the biggest recreational park in Cirebon. Previously, this park was known as Traffic Garden Cirebon and was the most favorite park in Cirebon. This park is very suitable for family, as it has mini zoo and kids’ playground in it. Located near the beach, you can also enjoy the beautiful beach scenery here. Every Sunday you can also enjoy music and art performance at the main stage in the park.
  3. Taman Sari Gua Sunyaragi
    taman sari gua suryanangi

    This complex provides 18 sites with a mixed architecture of classic Indonesia and China. The main purpose of this complex actually is as the leisure and meditation places for Sultan Cirebon and his family. There is a myth that if you accidentally touch Perawan Sunti statue in this complex, it will be difficult for you to find your life mate. To ‘cure the curse’ you can go to Gua Kelanggengan which is located in the same complex.
  4. Banyu Panas Palimanan
    banyu panas palimanan

    Need some break and relax? You can go to this place. Banyu Panas Palimanan is hot spring place which is also one of the most favorite tourist destinations in Cirebon. The place is not only offering a nice, relaxing hot spring pool but also spectacular sceneries of lush green trees and the grayish limestone around the area.
  5. Kerajinan Batik Trusmi
    Calon pembeli memilih batik di pusat batik Trusmi, Cirebon, Jawa Barat, Minggu (19/7)
    If you love to collect Batik, you must visit this place. Actually, Trusmi is name of a kampong and a part of Plered sub-district, Cirebon. Trusmi has been long known as the center of Cirebon Batik. Here you can find the authentic Mega Mendung batik pattern at low price and good quality!
  6. Wanawisata Ciwaringin
    wanawisata ciwaringin

    The national park will present you with spectacular natural scenery. Lush green cajuput trees around the area are ready to refresh your mind from all the hectic life in the city. If you love to go fishing, there is Ciranca Lake where you can spend your time sitting and fishing here.
  7. Desa Wisata Cikalahang

    In this complex, visitors are welcomed with many choices of restaurants that provide grilled fish menu. The best thing is that everyone can go fishing and then ask the chef to cook the fishes they got. That is why Desa Wisata Cikalahang is loved by those who love fishing! And of course, foodies also love to be here.

Getting to Cirebon

To go to Cirebon, train is recommended. You can enjoy the scenery during the trip, and of course it is free from traffic jam. From Jakarta, KA (Kereta Api) Cirebon Express departs from Gambir station. The ticket prices are around Rp100.000-Rp200.000, depends on the class (Business or Executive).

Here is the train schedule from Jakarta to Cirebon:

KA Cirebon Express number KA 62

Station Arrival Departure
Gambir 06.00
Jatibarang 08.29 08.31
Cirebon 09.04

KA Cirebon Express number KA 64

Station Arrival Departure
Gambir 10.00
Haurgeulis 11.53 11.55
Jatibarang 12.29 12.31
Cirebon 13.04

KA Cirebon Express number KA 68

Station Arrival Departure
Gambir 13.45
Jatibarang 16.09 16.11
Arjawinangun 16.30 16.32
Cirebon 16.48

If you prefer more luxurious trip, you can choose a one-day trip provided by PT Kereta Api Pariwisata (Indorail Tour). The trip starts at 6am at Gambir station and ends around 10pm at the same day. The luxury train used in this tour has many facilities such as clean toilet, karaoke bar, and mini bar. During your trip in Cirebon, Indorail Tour provides you with bus. So, you don’t need to worry about the transportation!

To enjoy this special tour package, you need to pay around Rp1.500.000/person for a group of 20-27 people. This includes the train fare, tour leader, local guide in Cirebon and tourist attractions, entrance fee to the tourist attractions, meals, snack, mineral water, and tax. Interesting, isn’t it?