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10 Most Stunning Remote Islands in Indonesia

Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. The islands stretch from Sabang to Merauke. Not only big islands, but also remote islands...

Fun Facts About Bogor Botanical Gardens

Bogor Botanical Gardens is a green open space suitable for tourism. The cool air and green scenery refreshing the eyes can help relieve boredom...
7 Horseback Riding Lessons around Jakarta

The Best 9 Horse Riding Classes in and Around Jakarta

Horse riding requires a great deal of strength and balance. Equestrians must build a strong relationship with the horse they ride and do regular...

International Experience for 21st Century Skills at BINUS UNIVERSITY

Intercultural competence allows us to “adapt and navigate complex environments with a growing diversity of peoples, cultures, and lifestyles when interacting with others who...

7 Best Waterparks in and Around Jakarta

Waterparks are cool, fun, and suitable for the whole family! There are lots of fun waterparks in Indonesia, from adrenaline-pumping to relaxing ones, they're...
12 Famous Sambal in Indonesia

12 Famous Sambal in Indonesia

For Indonesian, spicy foods have special spot in their hearts. Almost every provinces in Indonesia has hot, spicy dishes—and guess what, they are Indonesian’s...

8 Important Facts about Omicron XBB

A new omicron sub variant is rearing its ugly head. This time, the variant is called XBB. Since it was first discovered, as many...

Amazing 2-Day Geopark Ciletuh Road Trip

Geopark Ciletuh in Sukabumi, West Java, is an amazing piece of heaven that is worth exploring. This tourist attraction consists of beaches, waterfalls, and hills....

7 Things Everyone Needs to Know About Gunung Bismo

Its stunning natural beauty, clean air, and friendly people make the Dieng Plateau a magnet for local and foreign tourists. Visit Mount Bismo, one...

9 Overwhelming Facts about Whale Shark in Papua

Swimming with whale sharks in Papua is undeniably a bucket list wildlife encounter. In the waters of Kwatisore, Nabire Regency, Papua Province, there is...