5 Top Things to do in Flores

5 Top Things #ToDo in Flores

Most of the tourist attractions in Indonesia are always packed with visitors. These places are not really suitable for visitors looking for a deeper understanding to the...
Travel to Malang

Malang: Getting There

East Java is a favored travel destination in Indonesia as each city has its own unique characteristic and exciting destinations. One of these cities in...

Yu Sheng or Prosperity Toss: A Fun Chinese New Year Tradition

There is another specialty food for Chinese New Year celebration: Yu Sheng. It is often served as part of a multi-dish dinner, usually as...
Chinese New Year

Celebrating Chinese New Year in Indonesia

On 16th February the Chinese community in Indonesia will celebrate Chinese New Year or Imlek as it is commonly called. In China the holiday...
#WheretoGo: Hiking Mountains in Indonesia

#WheretoGo: Hiking Mountains in Indonesia

The list of tourist attractions in Indonesia is never ending! This country has many beautiful beaches, exciting man-made amusement parks, lots of shopping centers, and a very rich...
Best of India KNITE 2019 included CSR support from Medisafe Technologies for Univ Dr Moestopo School of Dentistry in the form of medical gloves donation

Collaborative Mentoring at Best of India KNITE event

Collaborative Mentoring at Best of India KNITE event to help Indonesian students develop competencies for success in ASEAN markets Best of India KNITE (Knowledge-IT-Engineering) 2019...
Amol Titus wins Milestone Achievement Award

Amol Titus wins Milestone Achievement Award

Amol Titus wins Milestone Achievement Award for Youth Development for teaching and mentoring 10,000 Indonesian youth Most expatriates in Indonesia, especially Jakarta, spend their spare...
5 Waterfalls to Visit this Holiday

5 Waterfalls to Visit Near Jakarta

Are you planning a weekend getaway from Jakarta? If you haven’t planned yet, why don’t you take your family to a little adventure, while enjoying...
Raja Ampat Sunset

#WhatToDo at Raja Ampat

Raja Ampat is an amazing destination. Many will make it an once-in-a-lifetime trip because of the remote location. The trip can be as luxurious or...
Raja Ampat: Unadulterated Natural Paradise

Raja Ampat: Unadulterated Natural Paradise

With greens and blues as far as the eye can see, located in the far-flung reaches of Papua, Indonesia, Raja Ampat is a place...