Quick Guide for Placing Almirah At Home, According To Vaastu

Quick Guide for Placing Almirah At Home, According To Vaastu

Amongst all the furniture present in your home, an almirah or cupboard is one that plays a significant role from deciding the flow of energies in your home to its functionality. It can be used to safely keep cash, hang daily wear clothes while also impacting the positive and negative vibrations of the person. Since it is also one of the pieces of furniture that is large and affects the house’s dรฉcor, placing the almirah in the correct location is crucial. On the other hand, Vaastu will help you decide on the correct size and direction of placement for a harmonious existence.

Here are few tips to place almirahs or wardrobes at your home:

Proper Materials

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When purchasing an almirah, the first tip is to not get one in the material made of marble or any sort of stone. Eye-pleasing it may seem, but not a suitable choice for your home. Instead, itโ€™s better to opt for a wooden or iron almirah for sustainable choice. Wood is also known to observes the negative energies in your home.


Other than material, direction is another aspect you should watch out for. This is because the direction of any furniture plays an essential role in the Vaastu. The direction to which you place your almirah can impact the money flow and the fortune of your members and you. It is recommended that you place your almirahs in the Southwest direction and face it in the North or East direction.

Direction in Bedroom

Even in the bedroom, always place the almirah in the Northeast or Southwest corner. Putting it in the south west corner not only clears up space in the room but also accentuates the spaceโ€™s positive energy. Place the almirah a little away from the wall of the bedroom to allow a free-flowing space for air movement. This keeps the vibe free of obstacles and allows the growth of both wealth and prosperity in the family.

Color Choices

You can color coordinate it by choosing the color of your almirah to go with the color of your walls. However, it should also be noted that said color impacts the health and wealth of you, your family members or whoever lives inside your house. Vaastu also dictates that your almirah should be painted in light colors like white, soft blue, green, pastels, and cream to radiate positivity in the room.


Mirrors, as necessary as it may be inside a room, are complicated little pieces of furniture. According to Vaastu, the mirror should be placed four to five feet above the ground. If the almirah is placed in the bedroom, it is advisable to avoid buying ones with mirrors on it. An almirah with mirrors in the bedroom is not considered auspicious as per Vaastu. It is believed to be a harbinger of negativity, affects financial growth and can cause quarrels from occurring.

Other than that, two mirrors should not be put in opposite directions to each other as it can attract negative energies. If you decide to place a mirror near or in the almirah, make sure you don’t put it in the Southwest direction of the almirah. There is a chance that your mirror reflects the negative energies in place of positive ones.

Storing Valuables and Money

The next most important thing is keeping your valuables and cash in the almirahs. First, you need to make sure the cash almirah has a single door. Second, place your locker or cash almirah in the North direction as a way to pay tribute to Lord Kuber, the god of wealth. Not only that, but Vaastu guidelines also advise homeowners to place money and jewelry in the north of the room due to that exact reason. Finally, never place lockers or cash almirahs in the Northeast direction as it will lead to losses and cash clashes.

Assess the direction of your almirah in the room. Does it need adjustment? Tell us your experiences in the comments section below!