Vaastu Tips for A Newborn Baby’s Nursery


When a newborn baby is arriving in your home, you want to make sure that the nursery is perfect for them to sleep in. Everything from decorations to wall colors, everything is planned in advance before the baby is even born! Your pediatrician can offer advice, but you can also add in the old Indian science of Vaastu Shastra for an environment full of positive energy, which can help a child grow.

Vaastu Shastra

Vaastu Shastra is an old Indian science of architecture. This ancient Vedic study can help to bring positive energy, good luck and fortune with the use of space arrangement, geometry and lay-out of your home. For all that to happen, you must first be aware of the directions which can be easily discovered using a compass or devices that will show to exact directions.

Prepare Rock Salt

Rock salt is meant to absorb negative energy, which is why it is ideally placed in an infant’s room. It can also be used in all corners of your house, as long as you also keep it in a bowl with water. However, this salt should be replaced very frequently.

Rooms Should Be Airy and Bright

For a positive and happy aura, you must make sure that the environment of the room is bright and airy. Open your windows (if you have it) to bring in natural light and positive aura in the room. Your child’s room must receive ample sunlight, especially the early morning rays as it brings in a lot of positive energy and kills most of the germs in the baby’s room. On the other hand, a dark and gloomy room gives off negative vibes, which is why you want to make sure that your baby’s environment is positive and happy.

Clean The Nursery

Cleanliness is also one of the things you must make sure of. Dust and dirt are known to cause bad vibes in a room and can negatively affect your child’s wellbeing. Nonetheless, a clean room will ensure your baby’s wellbeing and generates good energy. Therefore, you should clean the room timely and thoroughly.

Place the Bed in Right Direction

In terms of direction, your baby’s bed should be placed in the south-west section of the room, as it’s a source of energy which can enhance your baby’s motor skills. You also need to make sure the bed’s headrest is in the south or east direction and is not directly facing the entrance of the room. This is believed to help your child child to remain calm and get peace of mind.

The Night Lamp Should Be in Right Place

Besides that, the night lamp should be in the south-east zone of the room. This is believed to make your child feel secure and help their vision.

Decorate The Wall

There are two options to which you can decorate the wall of the nursery. The first option is to decorate the north-west wall of the baby’s room with family pictures. Doing that could help strengthen the family bond and make the child more family oriented as well as cultured. The second option is to keep images depicting scenes of peace, spirituality and motivation. This will help to develop their mind. Paintings of sunflowers, in particular, activate the pituitary gland which could help in developing in mental growth.

It’s also important to note that hammering nails isn’t a good sign and can impact their health. Which is why you should avoid hammering nails in your baby’s room. If you do want to nail the wall, then opt for the north-east or south –west walls.

Keep Mirrors Away From Bed

One way to keep your baby from experiencing nightmares is by keeping away the mirrors away from them. Never place a mirror in front of the bed, nor have the reflection of the bed reflected in the mirror. This is because the mirror is considered a defect remedy tool in Vaastu Shastra, meaning that placing it against the bed could bring bad luck.

Baby’s Clothes and Toys Should Be Placed in The Right Direction

The baby’s clothes and toys must also be placed in the right directions. Your baby’s clothes should be put in the south-west direction of the room. Otherwise, it could create health complications for your baby.

Your baby’s new clothes, bibs, bed sheets should also be kept clean and washed thoroughly before being used. This is a way to get rid of chemicals and negative energy.

For toys, we recommend that you store your baby’s toys in the north-east, south, south-east, south-west or west section of the room.

The Use of Color

The color of the room can also affect your baby’s health. If the room is located on the north-east side of the house, avoid red, yellow and orange colors. You can also place a medicinal plant like tulsi on the north- east side of the room to ensure your baby’s health is well.

If your baby’s room is situated in the south part of your house, then pink and red are the right colors. Pinks, reds and orange are known to promote your baby’s physical and mental health. On the other hand, blue and grey are the perfect shades if your baby is in the western part of the house.

Avoid dark and heavy colors like black and brown in the baby’s room. Ideally, the child’s room should contain soft, light and vibrant colors. Even the toys should be in light and vibrant colors.

What do you think of these tips? What are some tips that you have applied to your baby’s nursery? Tell us in the comments section below!